A Year in Review, Poem Edition

Casey H.

Managing Editor

Another year passes in the blink of an eye,

And many look back and wonder “Why?”

While there was some feats of the good guy winning,

There was evil too, so let us start from the beginning.

Justin Bieber drunkenly raced to the Miami shore,

So it is safe to assume he does not have a “Girlfriend” anymore.

The NSA was uncovered thanks to Edward Snow,

Leading all to wonder where their information will go.

There was the Sochi Olympics, filled with snowboards and curling,

And Vladimir Putin, his evil moustache a-twirling.

He then rides away shirtless all the way to Ukraine,

Annexing Crimea when he finds them a pain.

Malaysia Flight 370 up and disappears,

Sparking panic and setting flame to fears.

The Brazilian World Cup enraptured many,

As did the winning Germans, who took home a pretty penny.

The brutality of ISIS continues to astound,

Giving all Westerners a sense of common ground.

Celebrity couples got married, so let us wish the best

To Brangelina and Kimye West.

But celebrity comedy now has a hole;

Goodbye Robin Williams, God rest his soul.

The death continued with Ebola horrors,

Until everyone feared blood coming out of their pores.

(Really though, America, put your fears at ease;

Kim has now had more husbands than Americans the disease.)

The true tragedy occurred in Ferguson, Missouri,

Where misery abounds after the decision of the grand jury.

But fear not! All was not bad;

The Ice Bucket Challenge raised money like mad.

Overall, opinions of the past year dissent,

And many wonder wherever the past months have went.

But shake it off! Be happy, happy, happy – make this year pop,

And remember that every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

YiR 1 CH


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