The Class of 2017 is Coming to Clash

Chase M.

Staff Writer

Woodstock students are addicted to Clash of Clans, a strategy game that can be played with other players. The game allows students to create or join alliances like Sonicz or US Congress (a clan), and it encourages players to think differently by trying not to get attacked by opponents. There is plenty to do in this online multiplayer game. Protecting the town hall should be number one on the players’ list, but to protect the town hall there are several strategies the players should keep in mind: setting up walls to help slow unwanted thieves, and adding archer towers and cannons to protect and destroy incoming attackers. Clash of Clans (COC) clearly has students talking.

The basic point of the game is to protect the town hall, or the heart of the base, and to get to a maxed out level ten base, which is every player’s goal in the game. Once the player has reached the status of a town hall ten is when he/she has successfully completed the game, although many players have been playing the game for over three years and have yet to reach that point in their COC career.  To protect the town hall, players must create defenses to protect the base against unwanted intruders. Walls are used as a defensive device against opponents, as they will slow enemies from getting to the inside. Once the town hall is in place, players use defensive tools known as traps to protect the base. Traps cannot be seen by the enemy, so players must place these in locations where they anticipate their enemy will come. Once traps are in place, the player is ready to defend the base from enemies who raid the player’s village and steal loot from the storages of the player’s base.

Aside from strategizing to protect the town hall, COC players must build alliances in order to truly be successful at the game. This is where the clan castle comes in handy; players can build a clan castle and team up with other players to help keep bases protected. Sophomore Tyler Harris, a veteran COC player, says, “When you work as a team, you stay protected against enemy attacks and win more war loot when in clan wars.” Once in a clan, the player will have a choice to request troops. This means that whenever the player hits that button that says “request troops” (after clicking on the clan castle), he or she will be asking other players to donate troops, which will either help protect the base or will fight in the attacks. Many low level players (town hall 6 and below) will ask for high level troops for an attack, which will make it easier while attacking, as higher level troops are durable and cause more damage per second. Another benefit of joining a clan is to start clan wars against other clans and win stars. Once the clan war is over, the stars are added up, and the winner gets most of the loot. As is the case with many aspects of life, it is easier to succeed with the help of a team.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game which makes players think more critically. Sophomores Austin Bailey and Simms Greer say, “Choosing the correct attack strategy is essential. Always send archers in before sending in your wall breakers because wall breakers are very fragile and will die without having a distraction.” If the player does not attack in the right spot, the attack will be useless, and the player will most likely lose. In order to get the next troop for an attack, the player will have to train them up in the barracks, which will produce a number of different attacks. To get to the next troop, the player will have to upgrade the barracks, but elixir must be made in order to buy these upgrades.

The strategy game COC definitely has students hooked, creating alliances like Sonicz and US Congress. The strategy game has been trending for the past few months and has many players joining the fight. With plenty to do in this online multiplayer game, just remember the key points: always keep the town hall protected no matter what trophies are important to the base and to the player, build walls to slow down the enemy to make it more difficult to let thieves steal gold and elixr, and upgrade defenses while making sure to set up strategic base strategies for the unwanted intruders.


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