Valentines Day: The season of love (and questionable gift ideas)


Paige M.

Managing Editor

Valentine’s Day is not only a day full of appreciating one’s significant other for all that he or she does, but it is also a time spent thinking of the perfect gift. As the holiday comes around every year, the same question seems to arise: Is Valentine’s Day a time for thoughtful and sentimental gifts or glamorous and expensive items? Many struggle with this gift-giving decision, while others stand firm in their idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Many people approach Valentine’s Day the traditional way. This includes the iconic and prototypical gifts people consider when they hear the date February 14th. Teddy bears, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, roses, and a card, along with anything else that can be found in the holiday-themed aisle of the local Target or Wal-Mart are categorized into this stereotype. Others, such as junior Brennan Heyer, steer clear of these traditional gift ideas. He explains, “Valentine’s Day isn’t always about the candy and the teddy bears, but about the thought and effort that goes into the gift.” He continues, describing his perfect gift as “a home-made card, something baked from home, or any gift that actually has meaning behind it.” Gifts like these could include creative ideas molded to fit the relationship, such as a CD burned with hand-picked songs representative of the other person. Others may choose to be crafty and provide a DIY gift such as a cute Pinterest idea, a collage of pictures, or a scrapbook. Depending on personal preference, gifts show that special someone how one feels, whether it be store-bought or homemade.

Another common angle taken for Valentine’s Day is to show that special someone how one feels by giving a gift that shows gratitude. This could be achieved in a number of ways. Junior Kendle Flint says, “I would get my boyfriend a gas card and movie tickets to show him how much I appreciate him.” This gift is not only thoughtful, but it gives back to the guy in the relationship for always driving and paying for dates. This gift will thank him for his generosity and give his wallet a little break. Meghan Pierce, another junior, agrees that a Valentine’s Day gift should spoil the guy. She says, “I would get him a sweatshirt that I could steal later and my favorite smelling cologne.” This gift guarantees happiness and enjoyment on both sides of the relationship!

Some people believe that Valentine’s Day should not be about the gifts at all, but rather about spending time with each other. Jenna Carr, junior, says, “A good Valentine’s Day present isn’t always a present at all, but an activity! I think sporting events, concert tickets, or rock climbing are great because you can enjoy their company while doing something fun.” Dates like these are adventurous and cater to what the other person likes to do, while giving both partners in the relationship something to look forward to as well.

One final approach to Valentine’s Day is the humorous one. Senior Chandler Adams jokes, “I would give my girlfriend Elmer’s glue, so that we will ‘stay together.’” Others who choose to take the humorous approach might not only get a good laugh, but also a break-up letter. Junior Evan Zaner says, “I would give my girlfriend space.” While this is a hilarious approach to Valentine’s Day, it is also a great way to end an unwanted relationship. Though one may receive props from friends as a reward for comic bravery, it will not set well with a real relationship. Cheesy puns provide fun ways to base a present around a theme, while being cute and funny at the same time, if executed correctly.

People’s opinions on ideal Valentine’s Day gifts range from sentimental to traditional and gratuitous to goofy. No one gift is better than the other, but rather depends on the personalities of those giving and receiving the gifts.


  1. It’s difcficult too find experienced people on this subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking
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