A record breaking record store

Kendra H.

Staff Writer

Unique stores seem to be nonexistent at times, but these gems are waiting to be discovered. One such store is 2nd and Charles. This organization is fairly new, and many people seem to not know about it; this store is worth a person’s time if he or she is interested in music, books, or movies. With three locations in GA, the closest 2nd and Charles to Woodstock is in Kennesaw on Barrett Parkway.

One of the aspects of this store that makes it interesting is the fact that people can bring in items to the store and either sell them for cash or receive store credit. There are bins placed near the front of the store for customers to place the items they wish to sell before taking them to the Buy Back counter. One of the workers has to sift through the items and determine whether the condition is acceptable and if it would be worth selling in the store. Different items specifically sold include used books, CDs, DVDs, video games, vinyl records, comics, and e-readers. While this process is underway, the customer can leave and come back or remain and meander around the store. The employee will offer the option of store credit or cash, but more is given for store credit. Once the various items are sold, they are placed in certain places throughout the store depending on whether it’s a book, movie, record, or CD. Then consumers can shop at the store and buy used books or CDs or records depending on the preference. Everything is guaranteed to still be in good shape.

The store is separated into different sections in order to make shopping more organized. The largest section is the book section; it feels as if one is in a mini-library. Numerous genres are present, and many times more than one copy of a certain book is available for purchase. Alyssa Hall, 12th grader, explains, “Books have always been important in my life. 2nd aKHnd Charles provides an escape for me from the constant stress in my life; I excitedly grab a book about Merlin and get lost in the intense adventures.” A shopper should check the price of each book in order to get the ultimate deal; prices tend to range from one to eight dollars for used paperbacks. This store is an ideal place to go if a person needs to buy a book for school because the prices may be more affordable than say Books a Million. A person may not always find what he is looking for, but it is worth a try; books are arranged according to genre and in alphabetical order through the author’s last name. Hall explained that she found her favorite author and spent a great deal of time looking through the many different books written until she found a new one she had never seen before. She bought it for two dollars and fell in love with an exciting story about dragons. 2nd and Charles has a small section dedicated to newer books that are pricier than older books, but this option allows people to pick up a new and exciting read for a trip in the near future. If one enjoys getting lost in a book, then he or she could spend hours looking through the shelves of books and discover new authors, genres, and stories.

In addition to books, 2nd and Charles also has sections for movies, CDs and vinyl records. These items are the main focus of the store, but the store also sells t-shirts, guitars, action figures, buttons and comics. The graphic t-shirts display bands, artists, or comedic images; the band shirts are popular because they tend to be difficult to discover in stores like Target or Walmart. These other items play a smaller role in sales, but they are interesting to look through and possibly buy. Hall explains that she has a special button collection, and each button came from different visits to the store; her collection represents her interests and sense of being. Alyssa Olson, 12th grader, explains, “The store immediately has an appeal because the products cannot always be found in a single store like Best Buy, and the reasonable prices are also tricky to find.”

The movies, CDs, and records encompass multiple genres for the diverse cultures. The records tend to draw the majority of customers due to their limited availability on the market. Customers do not need to own a record player in order to buy a record, as it has become popular to buy records for the purpose of framing them. Even though music and movies are available online, many still enjoy owning the physical object holding the content. The CDs and movies are decently priced for those who seek to own hard copies; movies tend to range from two to eight dollars, while records range from five to thirty dollars depending on quality and popularity. People have the opportunity to search for a record or a CD of their beloved artist or role model, and the purchase would be worth his or her while because it can be physically kept.

2nd and Charles opens its doors to the public every day of the week for those who are eager to search for their favorite author, artist, or movie. Some will take a chance and buy a CD or book that they may not recognize; occasionally, being spontaneous is rewarding, and it can spark a newfound interest. People need to take a chance on 2nd and Charles and fuel their love for the arts.

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