Truth or conspiracy?

Savanna F.

Staff Writer

Some people look at devastating events and key points in history, questioning the explanations given. These people have taken significant events and created conspiracy theories, which accuse others of planning a secret, illegal, or harmful event. Many conspiracy theories have been formulated about a variety of happenings.

In March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) had set flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Suddenly, the plane vanished, leaving no trace of where it had gone. To this day, no one has been able to recover where this plane and its passengers went missing. There have been many conspiracy theories created, but the most common one involves Diego Garcia, an island located in the Indian Ocean. Conspiracy theorists claim that the airline was captured by the United States Navy and then taken to a United States’ military base on the atoll of Diego Garcia. Some believe it was even voluntarily flown there. Other theories that have sparked include the airline being shot down by the United States, near a U.S. military base on Diego Garcia. People believe these theories due to the fear that hackers gained control of the plane’s computer system, wanting to use the plane in a terror attack.

Another tragedy that is the focus of conspiracy theories is the Holocaust, a very devastating turning point in history. Conspiracy theorists have claimed numerous theories about the genocide of six million Jews, including that it never happened. Some people believe that the exterminated Jew number was exaggerated, Auschwitz never existed, and The Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Holocaust was conjured up to advance Jewish interests, such as the legitimacy of Israel. Sophomore Ansel Rainwater says, “I think the Holocaust denial is not right due to the fact our population dropped six million, there were mass graves, and there are still gas chambers.” While this was a devastating event for a great number of people, there are still others who conclude it was all a hoax to benefit the Jewish comconspiracy theories 1 SFmunity. Though there is much evidence to prove the existence of the Holocaust, there are theorists who still believe it was all a hoax.

Dating back even farther than the Holocaust, a conspiracy theory in which many people have been disputing over for a long time is whether or not William Shakespeare actually wrote the work he is credited with writing, for there is little known about this well-renowned author. Many literature specialists have argued for years whether Shakespeare wrote his plays or he was just a cover-up for another writer. Potential author cover ups include Sir Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere. There are many powerful arguments about Shakespeare being the author due to the evidence of records from his lifetime of books of his plays being printed. Many scholars do not believe Shakespeare to be the real author, but there is no hard proof of this theory being true.

While many doubt Shakespeare, people also have doubts about the government. A long-standing conspiracy theory revolves around what is what is happening at Area 51, a famous, but very secret Air Force base located in Nevada. In 1947, an unidentified flying object landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Many people believe it was the crash of a military Air Force surveillance balloon, while conspiracy theorists believe it was a UFO. Once the debris of the falling object was recovered by the United States and taken to Area 51, people began to suspect what the Air Force was hiding. While being certain of the UFO, theorists also believe that on top of being a secret Air Force base, Area 51 is keeping evidence of alien spacecraft. Sophomore Yuri Von Helde states, “I do not think it is true because it has been around for so long. People have not figured out any information about it, and if they are creating secret experiments, then I do not see how they would not be released to the public.” Many people believe in extraterrestrials, and others take it as far as claiming the U.S. has alien aircraft in the air bases.

Whether it is a vanishing plane, a disastrous genocide, or the world’s most famous author, conspiracy theories are all around, being created by people looking for someone to blame. Some scholars conclude conspiracy theories are conducted to explain the perceived existing evil forces and social powers. Conspiracy theorists are everywhere, picking at almost every tragic incident that comes their way. It is society’s choice whether or not to pay attention to the outrageous theories thrown at it. Conspiracy theories are opinionated, and there is no explanation as to why theorists believe what they do. Most theorists make up these theories because they are simply looking for someone to blame.

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