Forever and a Day

Kendra H.

Staff Writer

A distinctive, New Age, and Transcendental store is sitting right around the corner, providing an ideal escape from a tense and demanding life. The store carries products including stones, candles, incense, scriptures, and crystals, and many different services are offered for those who are curious about psychics and mediums. Whether stopping by to pick up a gift, explore the shelves, discover new objects, or sit in for a session with a psychic, the experience is guaranteed to be intriguing.

Located in Woodstock on Highway 92, Forever and a Day is a store known for carrying numerous stones, which are handpicked and brought back from North Carolina. Each stone is said to possess a certain power or quality. A person can choose a stone based on what he needs most in his life; maybe he is lacking bravery or confidence.  Aquamarine is the stone of courage, and it is believed to retain calming energies in order to relieve stress and quiet the mind. Since its power is said to be enhanced by water, one is supposed to soak the stone in order to activate it for use.  Goldstone, a manmade rather than pure stone, is believed to help someone increase confidence in life. The goldstone comes in red, blue, and green, and when the stone is placed in light, a sort of shimmery sparkle appears. Alyssa Hall, senior, explains that she had bought a blue goldstone for herself, and she relates the stone to “a galaxy that appears and disappears depending on the amount of angle or light.” There are numerous rows of buckets filled with rocks, each of which serves a unique purpose. One stone could ease fear or promote physical and emotional healing or help someone fall asleep at night; the list is lengthy. More information can be gleaned from the store’s website. Some people need something more to help out during rough times in order to truly feel at peace, while others simply enjoy learning about the meanings and purposes of certain stones. Even if someone does not believe a stone can help him with his troubles, the gemstones are still wonderful to marvel at and collect as little treasures.

More fascinating objects can be found throughout the store. An entire shelf is filled with ancient Egyptian figurines and KH2decorations, while another contains Buddhist sculptures. Many different scents of incense can be found in the store, and this product is part of what makes the store memorable. When a person walks in, he is immediately overcome by a certain smell. The owners have incense burning every day, allowing them to promote their product while creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. There is also a large case of jewelry placed at the front of the store with handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and dream catchers; these items make for a crafty accessory to one’s jewelry collection. The store also carries essential oils utilized for aromatherapy and natural herbs known to improve one’s health. Other miscellaneous items include art, candles, cards, candies, soaps, books, bath salts, and lotions. Hall explains that one of her favorite products would have to be tarot cards, which are fun to utilize when a person has a nagging question in his mind and is searching for some form of an answer. A person does not have to utilize tarot cards in order to learn more about himself, but he can rather read the cards and understand what certain symbols or images represent. People also have a chance to discover more about astrology and what certain constellations represent and when they originated. There are plenty of books that discuss astrology, different forms of therapy, or even natural remedies; this store has it all when it comes to New Age ideas.

The workers, along with their specialties, are also what make the store more engrossing and cordial. Senior Alyssa Olson’s brilliant experience can be understood when she says, “Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly, and everyone answered all of my questions. It has a great energy, and I always feel like I am in my element.” The people are quite calming and peaceful, and their psychic specialties make them more of a curiosity. There is an option for appointments with a professional medium, psychic, animal communicator, or clairvoyant, which is a person who claims to have the ability to perceive events in the future. These people can also explain how to use tarot cards or even how to perform hypnotherapy. Many people do not believe in the supernatural or the possibility of one being able to perform a true reading, as some religious beliefs may prevent people from buying into it. What is interesting is the fact that many of the workers studied philosophy based around psychic capabilities in college; even attending a reading for fun would be a new experience for many. Curiosity is a strong feeling that may drive some to book a session.

Forever and a Day is peaceful and calm for those who need reassurance in their lives. People should at least stop by to find a beautiful stone to take home and keep for years to come; the various items would also make special gifts for a friend or family member. It is time for people to take a chance and test the waters of this New Age store.

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