Promposals go over the top

Paige M.

Managing Editor

In this day and age prom has derived from being just a high school dance, to an event that takes months of planning and preparation. Hair, pictures, after plans, dinner reservations, and a dress are all important aspectprom4s of the grandeur. People spend hundreds of dollars on a single night, and it all begins to unfold with one aspect: the promposal.

Not only does the promposal tip off the beginning of prom planning, but it is a way to ask a date in a fun and creative way. These ideas are becoming growingly extravagant and out of the box. Although one might already know who her prom date will be, a promposal is still required by the other. Junior Meghan Pierce said, “I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a few months now, and I still expect him to prompose.” This is the mindset of many, and what has become the norm today. Olivia Hughes, also a junior, shares, “No one is surprised by who they’re going with, just on how they get asked.” A mutual agreement is usually established to go to prom with a certain person before a promposal occurs.

Although they may already know who their date is, boys spend a significant amount of time and effort to make their promposal unique and memorable. Senior Chandler Adams explains, “There’s a lot of pressure on guys to have a good way to ask a girl to prom. I’m still thinking myself.” Trying to perfect a promposal while not being cliché or typical is a challenging task. Pinterest and other websites are perfect resources for finding ideas for interesting promposals. Many guys even spice up original ideas to make them their own.

While promosals are great ways to ask people to prom and add pizazz to the event, some people can take them to their max. For example, some have resorted to buying a girlfriend or a potential date a prom2puppy and engraving “Prom?” on the collar. Some even end up breaking the law with their promposals by stealing traffic cones from construction sites and asking if the date will “take caution and dance slow with me at prom?” Stealing animals has also become a problem while promposing. Milton High School boys stole a goat from a local farm to ask a girl, “Will you goat to prom with me?” While seemingly an innocent idea, the charade ended up in an arrest of all three of the participants for theft of livestock, but luckily a yes from the girl. Some promposals can get out of control, go wrong, or end in legal trouble, but they at least shake out a yes.

Others take a less dangerous approach and follow the romantic route. For example, a nice dinner with “Prom?” written in chocolate syrup on the dessert plate is a subtle yet easy way to secure a date. Some people also choose to write “Prom” out in candles to create a twilight scene, or they may sing a nice song accompanied by a musical instrument, showcasing their talent. These seemingly less superior promposals not only do the trick, but show someone affection and desire without all of the extra dramatic props.

promHumorous promposals are a fun way to ask a friend as a date for the night. Things like “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” while presenting a pizza is a perfect example, as well as giving a potential date a head of lettuce and proposing, “Lettuce go to prom together.” Others take it to a whole new level of crazy doing things such as taking a helicopter ride and seeing “Prom?” on the roof of a house or presenting a horse and asking, “Will you go to prom with me? Yay or neigh?” These extreme promposals are the reason that many view asking people to prom as a huge charade.

Whether a promposal is simple, out-of-the-ordinary, or extreme, they all tackle the same question in hope of a yes. How would you ask your date to prom?

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