Woodstock’s most honored women

Casey H.

Managing Editor

Even if they have not always received the recognition they deserve, it is undeniable that some of the most important events and creations in history would never have happened without the contribution of women. Whether they be actresses, mothers, historical figures, or someone who simply went against the grain of society, these are some of Woodstock’s favorite women.

meryl s 2

“I really admire Meryl Streep. She is so talented, and she is graceful in everything she does.” –Alissa Beckett, Junior

lady d g 2“Lady Duff Gordon was really remarkable for her time. She was successful as a fashion designer, which is what I want to be when I grow up, and she stepped up when the Titanic was sinking.” –Megan Brown, Junior

malala 1“Malala [Yousafzai] is a true inspiration. She faced death for her beliefs- rights for girls’ education- and is now one of the most famous activists in the world.” –Olivia Davis, Junior

emma w 1“I really loved the Harry Potter books, and Emma Watson played the part of Hermione perfectly. She has proven her talent multiple times.” –Donel Harper, Senior

jennifer l 1“I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is not afraid to be herself, even if other people judge her for it.” –Claudia Goodwin, Junior

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