Spring clothing trends that should be left in the past

Emma L.

Staff Writer

Every year around the beginning of spring, it is almost as if there is an anticipation in the air for summer, along with a need for everyone to start breaking out their shorts and tank tops. Although there are many exciting possible clothing trends for this time of year, it is also a necessity to look back on some of the most unsightly trends so they are not doomed to be repeated. If anyone has these tragic pieces of clothing in the back of the closet, throw them away before they can be revealed to the world once again.

Around this time the weather of spring is still adjusting between hot and cold, but that is no excuse for cargo pants that zip off into shorts. Not only are cargo pants and shorts bad enough with all of their heavy pockets, but when they are put together and a zipper is added, it is a whole other story. No one wants to see anyone carry around part of his or her pants that should either still be attached or not even exist in the first place. Junior Michaela Thomas says, “My dad used to have a pair and would always get stares as he tried to take the bottom part off.” The cargo pants/shorts zipping combo definitely attract attention, but not necessarily the kind that people may be hoping for.

If cargo mistakes are not bad enough, there is also the insanely unattractive Crocs. These fully rubber shoes make ankles look bigger and legs look shorter. It is also impossible to tell if they are meant to be a type of sandal or a water shoe. Their thick rubber makes the sweating almost as bad as the shoes look. Sophomore Emma Osborne says, “I don’t know what the appeal of Crocs ever were. They are uncomfortable and make everyone’s legs look weird.” What other evidence is needed? These shoes need to be tossed or maybe even burned.

Another terrible trend is the terrycloth dresses.  This type of material is meant to be left in towel form, not in the shape of clothing. These dresses are very unflattering and usually do not feel very pleasant against the skin. The neon color choices they often come in also do nothing to add to the already sad looking dress. Junior Alex Shugart shares, “I remember being absolutely in love with these dresses when I was younger, but looking back, I have no clue how my mom let me wear them.” Unfortunately, this is a trouble that many people have in fashion and can only hope to correct in the future.

An additional major fashion mishap had to be the skort. Does everyone remember the skirt in the front and shorts in the back? It was a disaster that every mother tried to force on her young tomboy girl because it had the comfort of shorts to play and walk in while still trying to give the cutesy girly effect. This might be okay for very little girls, but for the most part, the skort looks very awkward and unflattering. Sophomorebad trends EL 2 Lili Burke says, “I remember loving my skort because it was the only way I wouldn’t get yelled at by my mom for wearing shorts.” Of course everyone wants to blame her mother for this fashion shortcoming, but girls know to really blame themselves.

Last but certainly not least are the platform flip flops. These thick blocks of foam were something that every girl thought made her legs look longer and more toned. These shoes had to be the clunkiest and most unappealing shoes any woman has every worn. They showed all of the sweat stains and dirt from the bottom of people’s feet and always ended up tearing at the toes or heels. They came in so many different patterns and designs that it was hard to choose which the worst was: the wicker bottom or the see-through plastic bottom. Junior Emma Shaw said, “I thought I was so cool walking in my high-heeled flip flops, until I rolled my ankle a couple of times.” It might be tough looking back at the past mess ups when it comes to how someone looked, but it is also a great way to keep ourselves from making the same bad mistakes while giving everyone a good laugh.

Fashion is always changing and evolving each year. At the time, some styles may have been all the rage, and then people look back and think, “Man, that was not a good choice,” but it is all a way of learning which styles look best on different people and changing as times change. It is always fun to experiment with different clothes, but people must work with what looks good. It is important to find what is flattering for an individual and what the person likes to get the best results from fashion.

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