Taking home the crown: Mr. and Miss Wolverine

Madison B.

Staff Writer

After days spent learning, practicing, and rehearsing dances and talents, Woodstock presented its very own Mr. and Miss Wolverine pageant on February 7th. The pageant was put on by Sam Urbaniak, a senior at Woodstock High, for her senior project. Along with Urbaniak, Ms. Julie Cassidy, SGA adviser, and many other teachers helped out with lighting, staging, and judging to make this show the best it could be.

To start the pageant off on an exciting and bright note, all contestants participated in an opening choreographed dance. The contestants spent hours the week before trying to learn the dance and to get the timing down right. AJ Hayes, senior, said, “Rehearsals went smoothly, but as soon as we all got on stage, well, it went downhill from there.” The dance was a scrambled, off-beat mess, but it kept the audience entertained, so that is all that matters.

Once the dance was over, each couple walked onto the stage individually and was introduced with their names, their interests, and an explanation of the costumes that the couple was wearing. Each pair got to pick their costume based on a movie of their choice. The movie costumes ranged from Grease to High School Musical to Forrest Gump. The couples went all-out on their costumes in order to impress the judging panel and score themselves some points.

After the opening dance and contestant introduction, the real fun began. Each contestant, whether entered individually or as a group, performed a talent. Seniors Riley McBay and Kindole Pettway, along with many other contestants sang solos. Sophomores Katrina Basto and Olivia Barnes performed solo dances, while the whole varsity baseball squad did a group dance. Will Long, senior baseball player, explained, “We did the evolution of dance starting with the Backstreet Boys all the way to Soulja Boy. Going out there with all my buddies was fun.” Senior David Richter did stand-up comedy, a group of boys and girls performed the “Cup Song” while senior Sam Krug sang for them, and juniors Angelique Estrada MR&MS wolverine MB2and Ethan Schenck performed a piano/ song duet. Schenck said, “I didn’t want to go into the talent too serious because I didn’t want to get nervous, so Angelique and I just tried to make the best of it. We killed the talent portion.” Each of the contestant’s performances was carried out very well.

After the talent portion concluded, it was time for the contestants to go back to the fitting rooms and get ready for the last segment of the pageant. The last battle to win any awards (including free prom tickets), was based on the couples’ evening wear and their on-stage question and answer. Each couple walked across the stage so the girls could strut in their stunning, sparkling dresses, and the boys could show off their suits and bow ties. At the other end of the stage, the couples met with senior James Relick, the pageant announcer, to answer their question together. Meghan Pierce, junior, said, “This was the worst part of the night. Getting a random question, in front of a huge audience, and trying to answer it seriously, yet funny. Yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks.” The questions ranged from simple and easy, such as “What kind of cereal best describes your personality?” to intellectual, thought-provoking questions, such as “What is your opinion on affirmative action in college admission?” Pierce received an easy question and was thankful for that. Whether the contestants answered the questions seriously, or as a joke, they were all just happy to get it over with.

Finally, the pageant was completed, and it was time for what everyone had been waiting for: awards. There was an array of awards to be handed out such as Mr. and Miss Congeniality, best talent, best question-and-answer, and most importantly: Mr. and Miss Wolverine. While the judges tallied up results, the contestants stood behind the curtains waiting anxiously. Special education teacher and pageant judge Dr. Laura Hurter said, “Judging all the performances was loads of fun, but it wasn’t easy. There were so many great talents, so the final votes were close.” When it was time to announce awards, all contestants were brought back onto the stage, and Relick handed out each award. The Mr. and Miss Congeniality award is given out to the friendliest and most likeable people; David Richter and Katrina Basto won. The next award was for who gave the best response to their on-stage question; AJ Hayes and Kindole Pettway won this category. The judges decided that the best costume award should go to sophomores Cara Bacon and her escort Jared Staples, who dressed up as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. Bacon said, “I wasn’t expecting to win best costume because there was so many other cute ones, but it was an exciting surprise.” The next award was best talent, which went to those whose performance was the best and for who held themselves most comfortable on stage. Angelique Estrada won best talent for her singing, and the whole baseball team got best talent for their dance. Finally, the highest award that could be received was Mr. and Miss Wolverine, who were given two free prom tickets. Will Long, senior, won Mr. Wolverine, and Riley McBay, senior, won Miss Wolverine.

All contestants who were involved did very well in all portions of the pageant. Urbaniak said, “I was very happy with how the pageant turned out. I was nervous that it was going to be a disaster, but everyone looked like they had a good time with the dance and talents portion.” Ms. Cassidy said, “Overall, I think that the pageant was a success. I think all the students had a good time, as well as the crowd.” Well, that’s a wrap of the Mr. and Miss Wolverine Pageant!

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