20 science discoveries you probably didn’t know about

Maddie O.

Staff Writer

This year has been full of exciting new science discoveries. Incredible events happen every day, bringing astonishment to those who see them. Natural phenomena like a red moon and DNA face printing are starting to catch people’s eyes.

One fascinating occurrence that happened recently is the total eclipse of the moon. On April 4th, the moon began to reflect a reddish color. After about an hour, it was completely covered in the red tint and remained that way for about an hour. Residents on the West Coast were treated to a beautiful view, while those on the East Coast were not as fortunate. A total eclipse is typically a very rare event to witness, only visible if the weather and conditions are right.

Speaking of space, another exciting (and possibly deadly) phenomenon that was discovered in the world of science is a massive black hole that is 12 million times the size of the sun. This black hole was created about 900 million years after the Big Bang and has continued to grow in size ever since. Nothing is stopping it because it had so much energy to start with. Scientists have just recently discovered it because its size is finally viewable. There is no need to worry, as the black hole is about 12.8 billion light years away, preventing it from being a threat now or in the future.

A potentially significant breakthrough has been made in the medical field as scientists were actually able to cure four monkeys of HIV. These trials were so successful that the human trials will start soon. However, there is catch. Scientists do not know if the results are permanenmonkey HIV MOt or temporary yet, and they most likely will not know for a while. The trials consisted of a 19 monkeys, and nine out of the 16 were cured after scientists injected the monkeys with a virus designed to kill the HIV virus in the body. With given time, the curing virus might actually be effective on humans as well.

Looking at scientific engineering, Cambrian Genomics raised over 10 million dollars to develop a synthetic DNA that will be used to create little biological creatures. Based in San Francisco, the Cambrian labs have been storing and recording new DNA combinations to make little animals. They strive for their products to have no mutations in them, but they have not yet reached the goal. The owner says that it will only cost a few dollars to make a one of a kind living plant or animal. The scientists there also want to make synthetic organisms never before seen on earth.

artic ocean organisms  MOFrom the upper unknown to the lower unknown, scientists were surveying the Arctic Ocean and discovered that there is in fact a life form near the bottom of the deathly cold ocean (-10 degrees). Who knew that the freezing temperatures were able to support life? These new creatures are just types of sponges, anemones, and sea stars.

In the water as well, the people living by the Dead Sea have been noticing that there are incredibly deep sink holes (27 feet) appearing in the outside areas surrounding the Dead Sea. This is caused by the sea receding, and the once-full aquifers (underground wells) are no longer full, so they just collapse everywhere with no warning. Sophomore Kayli Rice says that she “really wanted to visit the Dead Sea, so hopefully it will still be allowed tourism in the future.” These sink holes asink holes DS MOre incredibly dangerous, so safety precautions may have to be made.

Recently in the world of science, 3D printing is becoming more and more popular since people have actually printed 3D cars that function, and actual food (barely edible though). Now, the science community has been able to create faces of actual humans using just a strand of DNA to do so. People are unsure about this though because now people can just copy anyone’s face without that person realizing it. Identity theft might become more popular, which is not an ideal scenario for the world.

The year 2015 will continue to have incredible discoveries in the next few months, discoveries that can change the world for better or for worse. Students like Katlyn Lawrence, sophomore, have been saying that ‘’these discoveries and inventions are freaking me out! People don’t realize what kind of power they have now with the genetic copying or genetically synthetic organisms.’’ What will be created in the future?

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