Summer music is on its way! Where will you be?

Juleisy V.

Staff Writer

Though it may be difficult to believe, Georgia does hold some outstanding concerts every now and then. “I have seen that mostly solo artists, country singer songwriters, and bluegrass come to Georgia often,” says art teacher Ms. Lorraine Tesina. This year Georgia will be hosting a variety of concerts that should not be missed. Artists like Madonna, Meghan Trainor, Twenty One Pilots, and so many more will be showing up in the Atlanta area. This year will be anything but music-deprived.

To start summer off right, AWOLNATION is heading to Atlanta to kick off summer vacation. Created by Aaron Bruno, this band signed to Red Bull Records and made it all the way to the top with their single “Sail,” which placed them on the top 20 Billboard Hot 100. Their electronic rock style and catchy lyrics have brought the band much popularity and success. On June 13, AWOLNATION will be playing at the Tabernacle, with regular-priced tickets starting at $25 and going up to $100 for a VIP meet and greet. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the creators of “Hollow Moon,” “Not Your Fault,” and “Swinging from the Castle.”

Many bands consist of a group, and duos are not commonly seen; however, two musicians may change that. While one performs as the guitarist and singer and the other plays the drums, these two men have showed the world that even two people can make incredible music.  Twenty One Pilots is on tour and is as outstanding as ever before. They have created their own style of indie pop-rap and have gained millions of fans worldwide. Songs like “House of Gold,” “Holding on to You,” and “Car Radio” have been extremely successful.  Their awe-inspiring lyrics take it to the heart with catConcerts 2015 JVM 1chy beats that will make these two unforgettable this year as they perform at the Tabernacle on October 6th and 7th. Pre-sale tickets are currently available starting at around $70.

The Tabernacle has presented several artists before, but for the first time Meghan Trainor will be performing on August 16th. For her MTRAIN tour, all tickets are $45.95. For some reason, no one escapes Trainor’s pop tunes; her music can be so catchy and is simply just too difficult not to sing to her songs like “Lips Are Moving” or “No Good for You.” Trainor began her career by writing songs at age 11 and has been in several bands since then. She has worked extensively to get to where she is now and has accomplished her dreams in only 10 years. “I think she sets forth a good role model that many artists don’t,” says science teacher Julie Moeller.  Trainor proves that with a little bit of effort, anything is possible.

For those who are not all about that bass, do not worry. Falling in Reverse is on the way to Atlanta. “It’s a different pop-rock-metal crossover with its own twist,” says senior David Schwieger. A little band that started in 2008 in Las Vegas has captivated thousands of followers with its rock style. These six musicians will tear up the stage with their lyrics of self-empowerment and will definitely be a memory to never forget. Falling in Reverse will be performing on Friday, May 8th., at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. Tickets range from $39 up to $92.

Finally, to end the summer right, there is a star headed this way. Rapper Onika Maraj, better known as Nicki Minaj, is on tour and will be at Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood on August 2.  Minaj has composed over 80 songs and has been featured in many more and will be soon releasing her new songs this year for her The Pinkprint Tour.  “They (Minaj concerts) feature many artists, so you may get the chance to see other people if you go to her concert,” said junior Anna Fargas. Since she has been collaborating frequently with Trey Songz (an R&B and hip hop singer) lately, there may be the chance to see him as well. Tickets start at $36.95 and go all the way up to $384 for front row.  Although Minaj may not be everyone’s idol, she has definitely made her impact on today’s society. There is no stopping the Minaj.

With so many musical events, there will always be something to see that fits one’s musical taste. All these concerts have their pre-sale or regular tickets available now, so there is no time to wait. Whether it may be rap, pop, or rock, there is a concert out there waiting for people to come and watch.  Who says nothing happens in Georgia?

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