What the (food) truck?

Hadley C.

Staff Writer

The trend of food trucks has grown from a sketchy gas station find to a popular lunch spot. With trucks scattering Georgia from suburban Woodstock, Canton, and Kennesaw to urban Atlanta, it is hard to ignore the new generation of entrepreneurship. What is all the hype about, and where should one start trying out these restaurants to-go? Look no further, here is some information on popular food trucks in Atlanta.

On Friday, April 3rd, the Atlanta Food Truck park located at Howell Mill Road was full of several trucks. However, due to Atlanta’s famous traffic, I arrived at closing time. This gave me a different experience than most who had eaten at the park that day. I was able to see the trucks pack up for the day and was able to speak with the owners on a one-on-one level. Although a few interviews were rushed due to the owners needs to head home for the day, I was able to speak with three food truck owners.

After losing his job during the economy crash in 2009, John Lane took a leap of faith and started his own business. He shared that during his search for a new source of income, he realized that he was not interested in having someone give him hours and decide his wages, and having a boss in general was no longer appealing. That was when he decided to take a risk and began his next job: The Filipino. The bright yellow truck can be seen in metro Atlanta sporting a colorful logo and the slogan “Cookin’ South Pacific comfort food.” Lane learned to cook traditional Fllipino food with the help of this mother, and he now shares his creations with his customers. “I had always watched my mother cook and tried to help as much as she would let me. She eventually showed me how to cook each of the dishes that I had come to love. Of course now I have to twist and tweak it here and there,” says Lane (via his bio on Atlanta Street Food). Keep an eye out for this well-reviewed truck!

The next truck I visited was Bucket O’ Shrimp, a seafood truck. The truck is decorated with smiling sea creatures in vibrant colors, and the same happy vibe of the truck was found in the owners. Although they were busy cleaning up for the day, the owner, Chuck, was happy to describe what a day of business was like for him. His day was extremely busy. He went on to tell me that one of his favorite aspects does not make business half bad! He loves answering their questions and gettingwhat the truck HC 2 to talk to his customers. The reviews are all glowing for this truck. Kamry Marie, a blogger, claims that they have the best catfish in the world, and the blogger on From Campus with Love said, “The Mac and Cheese Bites were amazing, insane and out of this world.”

The last food truck owner was Rodney Bowens, owner of B2 Street Eats. He was busy cooking but was still able to answer a few questions. (A busy day at the Atlanta Food Truck Park, it seemed.) Bowens started his food truck after 31 years of service to the United States Military. When he retired from the military, he was in need of a new source of income. He quickly realized that he wanted to be his own boss. From this came B2 Street Eats, a food truck that can often be seen in the Atlanta area. B2 Street Eats serves chicken and turkey for a healthier option than other deep-fried goods sold in their location. Many of Bowen’s customers are surprised that the ribs come from a turkey, and occasionally people are unaware that turkeys have ribs. Amazing.

There are food trucks in areas besides Atlanta, as well. In Woodstock, the El Don Taco Truck can be found on Bells Ferry at Eagle Drive, Uncle C’s BBQ serves their food right off of highway 92 in Acworth, and downtown Kennesaw’s food truck park, Dinner at the Depot, is open on Monday evenings.

Food trucks have been around since the 1800s, starting with the cowboy’s Chuckwagon and modernizing into today’s car with a kitchen. However, they are currently a more trendy way to eat in urban areas. Try a few of these food trucks, or discover other nearby mobile restaurants. Not only will new customers be supporting a local business but also are getting to try some good old homemade food .



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