Getting around Downtown

Madison B.

Staff Writer

In the 1890’s, one of Cherokee County’s oldest towns, Woodstock, was formed.  What started out as a tiny community of just over 300 people is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. With a 70% increase in population in the past ten years, Woodstock has demanded the addition of many new restaurants, parks, and stores. With all the new space and people, Downtown Woodstock has grown into a popping little city with many exciting events. The City of Woodstock Parks and Recreation Department hosts a variety of year-round special events, depending on the season. The events range from concerts and festivals in the park, to parades and ceremonies on Main Street. There is rarely a time when Downtown Woodstock is not flooded with people.

Entering into the summer season, Downtown Woodstock will be holding many outdoor events, starting with a Memorial Day Ceremony, May 25th, to remember and appreciate those who have fought or are still fighting for America. The City of Woodstock will join the Marine Corps League, veterans, and family members of soldiers, along with anyone else who wants to come out and give thanks. Isabel Horta, junior, said, “I love being a resident of Woodstock because of things like this. Two of my brothers are in the military, and it’s nice to see them getting appreciation, along with past soldiers.” Although Woodstock is known for its generous events, there is much more to come.

The summer concerts held in Downtown Woodstock’s park seem to be the most popular events, as they draw the largest crowds. People come from all over, even from outside of Woodstock’s city limits, to listen to the wide variety of bands play. Downtown Woodstock hosts everything from classic rock, to oldies, to country. This summer there will be bands such as rock and roll band Gimme Abbey, Savannah Jack (a variety of country singers), The Dog Days of Summer (alternative), a night of Block Party music to start of the Fourth of July weekend, and many more. “Going to the concerts downtown are so much fun. There is always good music, and I especially love that there are lots of delicious food stands,” said junior Olivia Harrison. Along with the food stands Hughes mentioned, there are stands for face paintings and balloon animals. The concerts are perfect for the whole family. Bring some chadowntown woodstock MB2irs or blankets for comfort, and sit back and enjoy. Plus, who doesn’t love a free concert? Visit for more information about the concerts, times, and dates.

Downtown Woodstock also hosts many different physical activities, such as bike races and running races. Since Main Street runs through the heart of downtown and connects to larger roads like Interstate 75 and Highway 92, Woodstock is able to block off some of the road to turn it into a racing path. This year, on Saturday, May 16th, the first race being hosted is the Hustle for Heroes 5k race. This race is held in order to raise money for the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation and to support local police and firemen. Another race coming up is the most popular and well-known race, the annual Freedom Run. The Freedom Run is held on the Fourth of July, in honor of America gaining independence. Corey Champion, junior, said, “I look forward to running the Freedom Run every year. A couple buddies and I from the cross country team have been doing it together the past three years.” Champion might be one of the only people who looks forward to running, but for those who do not, after the run, other “Stars and Stripes” events are held throughout the day. Once the race is over, there is a parade held on Main Street, followed by an all-day festival in the park. There will be a variety of food, activities for the kids, and stands handing out beads and shirts. Finally, the night comes to an end with a fireworks show. Downtown Woodstock excels in keeping things interesting for all types of people.

This once little town has blossomed into a beautiful, busy city where thousands of people come to shop, relax, and catch up with friends. Not only does Downtown Woodstock hold these events, but it is filled with unique boutiques, coffee shops, tasty restaurants, and antique stores such as Brooklynn’s, Copper Coin, and Firestone Pizza. It holds a world of southern charm and more, making it an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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