Theory of Everything and so much more

Grace S.

Staff Writer

Dark. Mysterious. Infinite. These are some adjectives that one may not typically come up with when thinking about local movie entertainment around Woodstock. Now, citizens can. With the release of the movie Theory of Everything back in November, a total of 35 million dollars was made at the box office. This movie has become an absolute phenomenon among the movie industry due to its marvelous, romantic rendition of the life of Stephen Hawking and his journey with ALS, a disease that deteriorates the neurosystem. With the DVD summer release of the movie Theory of Everything, there are many reasons to buy a copy of the DVD.

Theory of Everything is the movie adaption of the unconventional life of future physicist Stephen Hawking in his earlier years when he was trying to earn his doctorate degree at Cambridge University. The movie transitions from the early years of Hawking to his struggle to find the creation behind the universe as well as finding love in the arms of Jane Wilde.

This movie was set up to invite viewers on a journey and experience a once in a lifetime adventure. Categorized as a romantic biography, Theory of Everything has received spectacular notice from filmmakers all over the world, discussing the brilliant actors and unforgettable story. The film was nominated for British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Oscar, and Golden Globe awards for best film. Critics have said that while an average person may not love science on one’s own time, as soon as one watches this movie, it will leave a person wanting more.

Stephen Hawking is played by Hollywood’s heartthrob Eddie Redmayne, who brings not only talent to the table, but thoughtfulness as well. Many critics claim that Redmayne shows a lot of depth to whichever character he acts out. Redmayne has starred in famous films such as Les Misérables, My Week with Marilyn, and Jupiter Ascending. As the role of Hawking, Redmayne shows the many layers of how one single man can preserve in the wake of tragedy. There is also the talent of Felicity Jones, who plays Jane Wilde, as the love interest for Hawking.  Jones had starred in Amazing Spider Man Two and Like Crazy. The two spiral towards each other in the tale of love, which captivated viewers with its honest story. Senior Mia Vahle spoke up to say, “This film is one of my absolute favorites because it doesn’t sugarcoat pain or tragedy. It transforms pain into something meaningful.”

A major conflict within the movie is Hawking’s recent, and from there ongoing, diagnosis in 1963 of Motor Neurone Disease, commonly known as ALS. It is a disease in which the body’s muscles weaken and destroy the ability to physically function. ALS has no cure or treatmenTheory of Everything GS 3t plan for those that are diagnosed, which is why Hawking’s story is so phenomenal. He was only given two years to live when he was diagnosed at 21 years old.

The movie is giving the viewers an in-depth look at the trials and pain that happens in a human life. There is mystery as well as a romantic storyline between the two main characters, Hawking and Wilde. While the film may focus mainly on Hawking, there is the undeniable presence of Felicity Jones’s performance. She brings up the theme of selflessness and humility as the role of Wilde and creates a character that one will not soon forget. WHS literature teacher Ms. Jacqueline Vance says, “I really love what Felicity Jones brings to any role that she plays. She makes me more excited about going to the movies.”  This comes to show just how much of an impact these actors make on their viewers.

People should buy the Theory of Everything on DVD because they may finally get to experience the one of a kind mind that may only appear once every blue moon. Hawking’s journey through life is leaving the impression that time is limitless, and anything is possible through perseverance. Theory of Everything is simply much more than the average film.

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