Battlefield is clutch

Chase M.

Staff Writer

Released on March 17th, Battlefield Hardline has been a hit with game players, as it features a new gaming mode of cops vs robbers that has gamers around the school talking. Gamers can enjoy the special effects of destroying buildings, instead of hitting buildings and having nothing happen. Although this game seemed to be a huge disaster when the pre-released version turned into a hacking war in 2014, all the glitches are fixed, and the game is a success.

An incredible feat is the amount of work designers put in to the weapons. The weapons in the game have been changed so that players can a carry a cross bow if they complete certain multiplayer objectives, like capture the flag 21 times within a 24-hour period. Tyler Harris, sophomore, said, “Overall, the guns look amazing. People around the world are talking about how Battlefield wrecked Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.” In order to achieve the firearms, players must work up the money, as an average gun is about $24,000. A player is rewarded for performance within the specific challenge, which can multiply the money earned, including 2X and 3X and Super Power Up.

In addition to the rewards for performance, the game is set up to allow for player specialization within the different environments. One specific adaption permits players to utilize an unmanned aerial vehicle that the player launches, allowing him to see areas of the game map near the player without entering the danger zone. The features, or electronic warfare, are also exploited in this game including EMP’s (electromagnetic pulse) to safely disable competitors’ electronic devices. Another tool in the game allows a player to place a “ghosting” device in the game map which fools the competitors’ surveillance systems into believing an enemy is at that location. Although other games on the market have used aircraft, this game set a new standard. The use of aircraft is difficult to master, so only seasoned gamers can take advantage of this option. The scenes in the game require effective use of cover and camouflage clothing. The proper clothing choice in the proper setting will allow players to be hidden from their competitors and extend their gaming time and results. A player does not want to be running around a map in the city with tree camo because that is out of the ordinary, and he will be spotted easily. Options for clothing include forest camo, street clothing, autumn camo, all black and law enforcement uniforms.

In the game, designers made it possible for players to destroy or damage buildings, making it more realistic. Jonathan Murphy, sophomore, said, “Destroying buildings is one of the best things the game has added!” In one of the maps, the old game Battlefield Four, a player could shoot a skyscraper, and it would fall straight to the ground. Destroying everything in their way, players would be jumping out of the building while others would be trapped inside the monster, ending their game. This was a triumphant feat and is also found in the new game Hardline.

In one of the game modes a player can act as a police officer and chase after criminals, hence the name cops and robbers. In the game mode both the cops and the robbers have cars, and players have to drive to certain check points and control their territory. While the cops and robbers try to destroy each other’s cars, there is a driver and a passenger. The driver drives around looking for trouble while the passenger provides the offense or defense. In some cases the players will choose to defend specific checkpoints from competitors. In this situation it is always important to monitor the tops of buildings for competitors using grenades or RPGs.

In the very beginning when Battlefield Hardline was released last March, it was a giant disaster. Players were falling through the maps and were able to hack the software and drive around in race cars. Many players were very upset with how the game was panning out, but now Bungie, the game’s creator, has more than made up for the problems. PS4 and Xbox One will see a gigantic leap, as more Battlefield games are being developed for 50 million gamers already entrenched in this great series.

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