Woodstock Students have just been Roman

Grace S.

Staff Writer

Every year students strive to have a Spring Break experience that is even better than the one before. This year, group leader Mr. Josh Sailers, history teacher, led students on an ancient journey through Greece and Rome, hitting major spots like Acropolis, Mycenae, and Olympia. From there the group boarded a ferry boat from a port in Greece to another port in Italy. While Greece proved to be an intellectual trip, Italy stole the heart of many students with the city of Rome.

Greece was truly a remarkable place to be. While the whole country is still going through a deep recession, it has a charm that comes with eacWoodstock Has Just Been Roman GSh new place that one may see when there. Students spent the first day of the trip in Athens, which was simply beautiful. They saw statues of the gods Atremis and Apollo before visiting the Acropolis. (An acropolis in ancient Greek means a fortified city onto of a hill.) The Acropolis in Athens consists of the legendary Parthenon, Temple of Athena and Nike, the Old Temple of Athena guarded by six maiden statues, and other buildings that were left in ruins. The Acropolis Museum of Athens was a unique place to visit because as students walked toward the entrance, there was an opening in ground blocked off by a glass barricade so viewers could look down ten feet and see sites being excavated. This barrier left room for viewers to see the buildings of ancient Athens being uncovered in front of their eyes. Through the museum, students viewed incredible artifacts, statues, and objects found in the Acropolis.

The students were utterly amazed by how unreal all these buildings were and how ancient these artifacts truly looked. There was never a change in this amazement when traveling throughout the rest of Greece. Students went from Athens to Olympia to Myceane. Olympia was an unforgettable place to visit because that was where the original Olympic Games started in ancient Greece. Part of Olympia was the archeological site which contained the ruined buildings and stadium. Senior Jelani Regan said, “I really loved Olympia because I am an athlete, so it was interesting to see where everything started.” Afterwards, students traveled to see the Theater of Epidaurus, a fully intact theater in the foothills of Greece. Next the group visited the archeological site of Myceane, a place that rumored to have been built by giants in previous centuries; Myceane holds the tomb of Agamemnon, the leader who united Greece and Italy.

Finally, students wrapped up their days in Greece with an overnight ferry from Greece to Italy. The ferry boat ride was delightful at first but soon turned unpleasant. Many students were seasick from the journey and spent the night in bed. Junior Gabby Manzella said, “I’ve never disliked traveling more than at that moment.” She laughed but went on to describe how taxing it was to be sick the whole night and then up the following day. Yet, with all that motion sickness, students seemed to make the best of the situation by playing card games and having an impressive game of tag on the helicopter pad

All the harshness of the Mediterranean Sea was soon forgotten upon arrival in Italy. Students spent their days roaming around the city to experience the charm and beauty the country has to offer. The first day in Italy students visited Pompeii, the city preserved by lava. Then the group traveled to the Vatican City for a few hours to witness culture and art from the Renaissance era. Later, they journeyed to the Pantheon, a regularly used chapel by the people, and witnessed its glory. Later, students saw the Fountain de Trevi, but it was soon dismissed because of all the construction. (The fountain has been under construction for the past year now due to malfunction.) Many students were deeply upset by this, but there was still a small section where coins could be tossed in from visitors. The last day in Italy students visited the Colosseum and Roman Forum, both of which were memorable sites that left students in awe of their size.

The whole trip was a grand success. Woodstock High School students experienced a once in a lifetime trip that will not be forgotten. Most of the kids on the trip became close friends and spent time together after the trip. Mr. Sailers, with the help of other WHS teachers, and EF Tours did an innovative job by providing for the students and creating memories. Not a single person was left dissatisfied with their journey through ancient Greece and Rome.

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