So long, farewell, adieu adieu adieu

Casey H.

Managing Editor

With mere days before they graduate, the seniors of Woodstock High School have begun to reminisce about their past years and all that they have learned. High school is a journey, one where many lessons need to be learned. Some funny, some important, the seniors of 2015 have imparted their wisdom upon the underclassmen before saying good-bye.

“Do not sass the upperclassmen. They know more than you and have had to deal with school longer than you. Respect them while they’re here (if they give you a reason to), and wait for your turn.” –Kimberly Bennett

ch homework“Do not procrastinate. It is not worth it and will stress you out so much. Also, when it comes time to do senior project, do it on something you love or are interested in. Otherwise, it will be boring and terrible and no fun at all.” –Annabelle McNabb

“Do your homework. You do not want to get to the end of the year and realize you are failing a class because you never did any homework.” –Carlie Etienne

“If you sit down when you are told to sit down and be quiet when you are told to be quiet, you will be fine. Do not waste your energy trying to be a rebel; it is just tiring. Also, do not worry so much about senior project. It is not as hard as it is made out to be.” –Kelsey Darnell

“Just remember that life goes on after high school. It does get better. I know it is hard sometimes, but always try to choose ch smilehappiness.” –Connor Tuck

“Nobody wants to deal with immaturity here; there is too much to deal with already. So be mature. Once everyone realizes that nobody thinks it is funny (I’m looking at you, freshmen.), everything will mellow out.” –Donnel Harper

“If you want it to be worth anything, make sure your senior project topic is about a career you are legitimately interested in.” –Samantha Hura

“Make freshman year matter. Make all the years matter, really. They may seem insignificant at the time, but it all adds up to your senior year and the colleges you can go to.” –Madison McCall

“Find something you are passionate about and stick with it. Try and find extracurricular activities that have to do with your hobbies, whether in school or out. At the very least, your college applications look way better if you can show that you did something outside of school during high school.” –Michael Hohl

               ch sports Whether they succeeded in the traditional sense or not, most seniors do have jewels of wisdom to pass down to their underclassmen peers. It is important to remember that these departing students have been in school for thirteen years, and it is impossible not to have learned something in such a long amount of time. Thank you, seniors, for gracing underclassmen with the tricks of the trade. They may not heed the advice given, but hey, that gives them more advice to give the freshmen!

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