Summer boredom be gone

Emma L.

Staff Writer

As summer begins, students are looking forward to having a great deal of free time. Then two days into summer break they are already bored. When boredom hits, do not fret, for there are many jobs to apply for and community service opportunities in which to participate. Anyone can get out and find new, interesting adventures.

Volunteering at Safety Town of Cherokee County is a great opportunity for teens to help give back to younger generations. Sponsored by Cherokee Safe Kids, Safety Town is set up like a small town to teach kids different ways to be safe in life. The leaders of the camp teach about strangers, fire, school buses, and many other dangers to make sure that children know the proper ways to keep themselves safe in various situations. The sessions are June 8-12, June 15-19, and June 22-26, and to apply, teens must download and complete the application on the Safety Town site and return it to Debi Radcliff. Teenage volunteers assist the instructors, and they can even earn community service hours that can go toward different clubs they are involved with in school.

Safety Town is a wonderful option for those looking to volunteer, but for those looking for payment, an interesting job opportunity for teens is working with children at the outdoor YMCA. Workers get to participate in many different activities with the children attending the camp, such as going to the lake or the pool, making arts and crafts, and playing sports or other outside games. This job is for older teens aged 17 or 18; however, 16-year-olds are allowed to work and shadow older counselors in order to prepare to become a full-time counselor the following year. Junior Grant Witten said, “I loved working with all of the kids and being outside all summer long. It was a really great experience.” This is an incredible opportunity to get out and active while still earning money.

Working at the YMCA is not the only way to get out into the sun while working this summer. Another option is summer lifeguarding at a community pool. Although it might seem cliché, lifeguarding is a fantastic option. There are many openings because subdivisions are always looking to fill their pools with lifeguards, and it is an ideal chance to work on that summer tan. Becoming a lifeguard is not just a summer job; it also teaches a person skills (like CPR techniques) that they can hold on to forever. Junior Gabbi Manzella said, “I’m really excitedSummer Jobs Safety Town EL to start as a lifeguard this year. I get to be in the sun and around a bunch of people all summer.” This is the ideal job for someone looking for fun in the sun all summer long.

If the sun becomes too hot, then another cooler option might be to help out with the local nursing home. There are always small jobs to be done at a nursing home, and teens are always welcome to go and spread joy to the patients. Teens are able to go in and interact with the elderly and get to know those who may be lonely or need someone to talk to. Volunteers are also able to create and set up activities for the elderly to participate in. Former WHS student Katie Lehto said, “I used to visit the nursing home in high school with some of my friends, and it was a really great opportunity to meet the elderly people and learn about their lives.” It is the perfect chance to not only help out in the community, but to also learn about people and their experiences in life.

If interaction with older people is not the ideal job for someone, but students still want to help out and be around people, summer tutoring is another option. Some students need a head start in getting ready for their next year of school, and if a person has the skills to help, then this might be a perfect job. This not only helps the student that needs the tutoring, but it also benefits the tutor because it keeps his or her skills sharp. The upside for this is that the tutor can choose whether he or she wants to be paid or use the hours as community service hours for the upcoming year.

The summer is a chance to try something new and to get out of a person’s regular comfort zone. Whether someone decides to get a job or to become a volunteer, he or she will find new skills to carry forward. It is also a chance to beat the summertime boredom streak that students may have been faced with in years past.

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