Summer Shenanigans

Madison B.

Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end, students and teachers begin to plan trips and pack their suitcases for a fun-filled summer. Many families are taking trips to the beach or cruises to exotic islands, while others are spending their summers on mission trips to developing countries. Whether it is traveling to another state, visiting other countries, or just staying home, students and teachers all over the school are excited for the summer months to come.

Once school is out and the kids can finally relax, it makes it easier for families and friends to get together. Trips to sunny beaches and cruises to different countries seem to be the most popular plans for this summer. Emma Gilbert, junior, said, “I am going to Panama City in June with my friends from church. I am excited to be stress free and in the sun.” Panama City Beach is a popular vacation spot in Florida where people from all over go to visit. Panama has beautiful beaches, as well as a park called Pier Park where visitors can go for dinner, ice cream or some shopping. Gilbert added, “I have been saving money up just for this trip. I am ready to shop!” Mr. Allen Domenico, AP Psychology and AP Human Geography teacher, said, “My family and I are heading to the Bahamas this summer. I need it after this school year…” While in the Bahamas, Mr. Domenico and his family plan on relaxing next to the clear water, visiting the stores in the resort, and eating at all the delicious, five-star restaurants. Mr. Domenico added, “Besides finally getting to relax, I am most excited about going spearfishing and snorkeling out in the water.” Nothing sounds better right now than tanning on the beach with some music blaring, and the sound of waves crashing.

While some people are going on trips for their own fun and enjoyment, others are going on mission trips to help those in developing countries. Church groups and other organizations take these trips to foreign countries to help establish relations and to develop funds and programs to help the nation flourish. Mission trips are not so much a vacation, but more of a cross-cultural experience. Emma Shaw, junior, said, “I am visiting Brazil in July for my mission trip. While there, mu church and I will be helping to develop a program that kids can go to after school while their parents are wSummer MB 1orking.” Although Brazil is a large exporter in goods, the well-being and safety of the country is still underdeveloped. Shaw and her church group will be clearing out land and constructing buildings so that the children will have somewhere safe to stay during the afternoon hours. Shaw added, “Along with the addition of these buildings, this after-school program will also provide jobs to people who are willing to watch the kids. It’s a win-win.” Along with Shaw, another junior, Emma Lehto, will be taking a mission trip with her church to Costa Rica to help rebuild churches and to inspire the people there to come to know the Lord. Lehto said, “My church and I will be renovating and updating the churches of Costa Rica, mostly in the town of San Jose.” The church buildings are old and are not in the best shape, so Lehto and other members of her church are going to rebuild them into beautiful places that people will want to attend. Lehto added, “After the churches are renovated, we are going to stay for a few days to lead worship to get the church up and running again.” By taking this time out of their own summer, these members of churches and organizations are able to help other towns and countries grow into something great.

After hearing about all these exciting plans and selfless mission trips, the people staying home for the summer are feeling ripped off. Chandler Adams, senior, said, “Ya know what I am doing this summer? I am doing absolutely nothing.” Adams is upset that he is not going anywhere this summer, but he is still thankful that he can go to Lake Allatoona with his buddies before they all go their separate ways for college. Adams also added, “It sucks that I am not going anywhere for my senior year, but I’ll find stuff to do in good ol’ Woodstock I guess.” On the contrary, Isabel Horta, junior, is excited to be staying in Woodstock over this summer. Horta said, “This year has been so hectic and busy that nothing excites me more than staying home. All I want to do is lay in my bed, watch Netflix, and eat until I explode.” Although these plans may not sound too exciting, the people staying home will find plenty to do to keep themselves busy.

Whether people are staying home or getting far away from here, it seems that everyone has one thing in common, and that is the excitement for school to be out. Everyone is thrilled to have two months off, but it will not be long until it is time to do it all over again! Have a great summer and stay safe!


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