Beginning as Wolverines: Continuing as…

Paige M.

Managing Editor

As the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, the senior class graduates are taking with them their unique passion and talent that has grown and has flourished throughout their years attending Woodstock High School. The end of the high school experience is not at all the end, but rather the beginning of an experience irreplaceable to allPM 1 who have allowed themselves to enjoy the ride. The friendships made, the grades earned, the experiences acquired, and the laughs shared will all be remembered and pushed toward a better understanding of the real world. As the seniors prepare to branch off on their own path, they plan out their schooling and majors with great care.

There are many different routes that people take when leaving for college. One of these routes is the athletic one. A large number of students have committed to playing the sport they know and love at a university. For example, Alarii Lopez is attending Louisiana State University in the fall for swimming. Not only is he excited to be in the water with his new teammates, but he also explains that he will be studying petroleum engineering. Alarii says, “I am so excited to be going and to start my future. The team at LSU is incredible, and I can’t wait to be part of their family and swim for the SEC.” Chandler Adams has also decided to play a sport while attending college by attending Georgia College and State University to play baseball. He says, “I plan on studying business while I play baseball. I’m excited to meet all the guys and continue to play with the sport I love. It’s gonna be tough, but I’m lucky to be playing college ball.” Gabrielle Wood and Owen Bailey fall into the category of attending college and furthering their athletic talent as well. Wood will be attending Carson Newman to play tennis. She explains, “I will be in the pre-med program specializing in bio-chemistry to become a dermatologist. I’ve been down a few times to meet the girls on the team, and I’m excited to experience college with new friends as well as teammates.” Bailey will be attending Samford University in the fall to run cross country and track for his college. He plans to study business and entrepreneurship and later start his own business. He says, “I am very excited for college and all it has to offer. Running has always been my passion, and I am so lucky that it has taken me this far. I hope I can bring talent to the Samford team and enjoy my time there.” Woodstock High School’s graduating class not only has a number of gifted athletes leaving to bring their skill to the next level, but it also has a group who focuses on academic aspects of their college experience as well. While taking on both educational and physical aspects of college, these students will be busy and striving to fulfill their dreams.

Along with a number of students who are attending universities due to their offering of an athletic scholarship, others have chosen to leave their extracurriculars behind and focus solely on their education. One of these students is Kasey Lawton, who played lacrosse and basketball in high school. Lawton will be attending Georgia Southern and plans to major in recreational therapy. She states, “I want to work with disabled and special needs athletes.” She also includes that she is “super excited” to be on her way to college but also hesitant of being four hours from home. Jessica Batten and Drew Householder, also former lacrosse players, plan to attend The University of Georgia. Batten will major in English and eventually switch over to journalism. She excitedly explains, “I am excited to go because I will be rooming with my best friend, Caroline, and it is a great school.” Householder plans to study civil engineering with a business minor. He describes his post-secondary schooling plan by saying, “I hope to enter Officer Training School with the Air Force and either fly for them or work as an engineer. After the Air Force, my goal is to be a commercial airline pilot.” Householder continues to explain that he is excited to begin to reach his goal, and this all starts in Athens. Lastly, Jacob Schoeb is looking forward to attending the University of Alabama Birmingham to study biomedical engineering. He explains his choice of major by saying, “It will be great to see what this will bring me to and if I will be able to create new ways of technology to help the medical world.”  These students are all more than excited to begin their journey after graduation and will forever remember Woodstock as the place that it all began.

The 2015 Woodstock High School graduating class is not only well-rounded and hardworking, but also passionate and dream-chasing. The future is an exciting mystery, and Woodstock wishes these students, as well as the rest of the graduates, the best of luck in accomplishing their dreams. The faculty, the staff, and the students congratulate them on their hard work and dedication through high school and remind them to not be sad that it is over, but to be glad that it happened. Take ‘em to the woodshed, Wolverines, and always remember where it all started.

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