Death Cab for Cutie takes the stage

Kendra H.

Assistant Editor

Death Cab for Cutie, a band from Seattle, performed to an ecstatic crowd on April 23rd at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. After releasing an album called Kintsugi (The album is named for a Japanese pottery technique where gold plaster is used to patch cracks.) on March 31st, 2015, a United States tour was soon announced.

The band encompasses an indie, punk rock vibe, and each song possesses an essence of beauty and clarity. Ben Gibbard is the singer of this band, and he writes his songs about life, lives surrounding him, and how everything intersects. In addition to Gibbard, the band consisted of Chris Walla, bassist Nick Harmer and drummer Jason McGerr, though Walla left the band recently. The transition has gone smoothly, and it has not negatively impacted the sound and quality of the band’s music and performance. Gibbard’s hard work came to life on stage, and witnesses of the concert will have memories to cherish for years to come.

The venue for the concert was ethereal, providing ideal conditions for a concert taking place in the spring. The Fox TheatreDeath Cab KH
is an indoor venue that is quite large with multiple floors and seats providing plenty of space for eager fans. While some people may feel that the Fox Theatre is not a great venue for concerts, indoor venues are sometimes more ideal. The temperature was cool but comfortable for the concert. The seats were extremely close to one another, which may have caused a problem for someone who likes plenty of space on either side. Mia Vahle, senior, says that the Fox Theatre provides “a pristine sound quality.” She explains that she attended a play at the theatre, and she could hear perfectly even though her seats were rather far from the stage. The Fox Theatre is known for its magnificence; the ceiling looks like a starry night sky, and the lights, rugs, and walls portray a sense of elegance and history.

The concert itself was somewhat surreal; the experience was so exceptional that it felt like a dream. The band opened with “No Room in Frame,” which is from the  new album. Gibbard performed a fan favorite called “Your Heart Is an Empty Room” alone; Alyssa Oleson, senior, explains that this is her favorite song, and her heart “lit up” when she heard the song live. It seemed like the entire crowd was singing along to the emotional song, and it was one of the more special moments of the night. The band played “I Will Possess Your Heart” right before the yells for an encore began; this was one of their most popular songs because it has been played on the radio often. The entire crowd stood up in unison as the band walked off the stage; no more than five minutes later, the band members hopped back onto the stage. The stage was lit with colorful lights, and the intensity ranged depending on the songs meaning and message. The encore included four songs, making the entire concert consist of 22 songs. The concert ended with the song “Transatlanticism,” which is slow, lengthy and pleasantly chilling. The crowd was left in awe.

There were some slight frustrations with the concert. Since the venue was inside, the majority of the venue held seats except for right in front of the stage. No one stood up for the concert in the upper level seats; some attempted to stand but then were asked to sit down. Most people would not think of sitting down at a concert, and even though it may provide a clearer view, staying seated can leave a person feeling jumpy and hyper. Many people feel that a concert is more enjoyable when standing up because it allows a person to move and sway to the music, thus letting out pent up energy. Alyssa Hall, senior, explains, “We tried to stand up, but the guys behind us told us to sit down. This was during the encore, and I was not too happy that I could not stand for one of my favorite bands.” It was obvious who truly loved the band and who was there merely out of curiosity. Animation and excitement from the crowd is important and courteous.

The concert was a treasured experience, and Ben Gibbard’s vocal and instrumental talent was otherworldly. Music is an outlet for many, and a concert really allows a person to let go and connect with his or her favorite band. Death Cab for Cutie is a force to be reckoned with, and many cannot wait for them to wander their way back to Georgia.

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