Enjoy it…because it is happening

Megan R.

Managing Editor

Here’s to the time that went too fast and the weeks we thought would never end. Here’s to all of the firsts and the beginning of many lasts. Here’s to high school, because the day we thought would never come is finally here…and we are done!

Although it is sad to leave, the seniors could not have asked for a better year. The football team went 5-0. We parted the Red Sea, went viral on Vine and beat Etowah all in one night. Our school spirit was unparalleled. “I really loved doing all the spirit days for homecoming week and senior week,” says senior Kayla Sangrey. Jake Owen helped us win High 5 sports, and Brad aided in winning Game of the Week. Woodstock had one football game featured on television, as well as a senior-exclusive school spirit segment on Fox 5 news. MR school spirit

Football was just the start of our record-breaking year. Our basketball girls went undefeated! “My favorite memory was getting to run around a basketball court with my best friends. Basketball season was amazing!” said Jessica Alexander, forward. Our band marched in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, Ireland. Owen Bailey and Alexandra Melehan broke school track records, a few times. Melehan recalls, “I think the best memories from my senior year were from the track and cross country season and spending time with my friends during class and outside of school, like at prom!” This year SGA completely sold out of prom tickets as well, definitely a moment seniors will not forget. The list goes on and on.

Thank you, Woodstock, for all the memories. Thanks for Monday mornings and Friday night lights. Thanks for sweaty gym classes and 200-hall chaos. Thanks for homeroom, where I made my best friends; for football games and AP tests; for the all-nighters we pulled and the Starbucks that got us through the day. Thanks for Towne Lake traffic and Chick-Fil-A to make us late, for school spirit and chemistry. Thanks for understanding teachers who got us to this point. Thanks for traditions and winning streaks. Class of 2015, thanks for making history.

Thirteen years, 2,340 days of school, will come to a close next Saturday, May 30, but the memories will last a lifetime. None of us will leave here the same person we were when we walked through those doors freshman year. We made some friends, and we lost some. We pushed our limits, and we procrastinated. Now, in two months we will all head our separate ways, off to change the world. Mia Vahle says that her favorite memory from senior year was “Hearing all of my friends’ accomplishments this year and all of their future plans.” That is exactly where we are headed: the future! This is not the end; it is just the beginning. NJROTC Commanding Officer Isabella Mitchell recalls, “My favorite memory from senior year was the NJROTC awards ceremony and awarding all of my cadets their new ribbons and awards for their hard work and dedication they put in.” This reminds us that it is our time to go, and it is the juniors’ turn to rise up. Good luck Class of 2016!

 MR spirit days

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