It is raining Angels

Grace S.

Assistant Editor

Woodstock High School needs to make way with vampires, zombies, and dystopias because here come the angels. Yes, angels are here for landing. Lauren Kate’s Fallen had its bookstore debut on December 9, 2008, dazzling readers from the first page. The series may have started a long time ago, but the reason it matters now is because the film adaptation of Fallen is set to be released later this year, actual date yet to be determined. Currently the film is in post-production, giving people enough time to read the book before seeing the movie!

Fallen takes place at Sword & Cross Reform School in Savannah, Georgia, after Lucinda a.k.a Luce Price had been accused of murdering a boy by starting a fire. The accusation was that once Luce kissed the boy, Trevor, he suddenly combusted into flames. Instead of being sent to jail for arson and murder at 16-years-old, Luce was sent to a reform school. Upon arriving at Sword & Cross, Luce was infatuated by the boy Daniel Grigori, who wants nothing to do with her. However, after a series of endeavors that involve Luce’s life being endangered by a bounty placed on her life by Lucifer, yes that Lucifer, the two go from being distant acquaintances to being in a relationship due to their deep attraction to one another. Later on Luce begins to suspect the something is unnatural about Daniel, almost supernatural. During her series of investigations, Luce finds out about how angels have roamed the Earth, and she believes Daniel is one of them. Daniel then confesses to Luce after her discovery that he is in fact an angel, but he is not the only one. His gang of friends are also angels. Together, the two spiral into a story that lets reader minds wander through space, time, and heaven. Luce struggles with her concept of herself as a human being, wondering if life is really worthwhile. Soon Luce discovered that she and Daniel have meet over and over for the past 2000 years, but neither of them know how or what is causing this to happen.

None of the fans truly know the direction the movie is being taken. One series similar to this one is Beautiful Creatures, which combined all four books into one movie, deeply upsetting the fans due to poor execution and rewritten storyline. From recent news releases, it apppears that the movie will be focused entirely on the first installment of the Fallen series, Fallen. Luce will be played by Addison Timiln, and Daniel will be played by Jeremy Irvine, who is known for his role in War Horse.

There are many reasons as to why book lovers should read the Fallen series, which consists of four books, and one reason is the talented character development. Many characters such as Cam, the devilish bad boy, and Gabby, who start at the beginning of a story as weaklings, transcend into stronger, intricate versions of themselves. Character development is a dramatic piece that helps not only characters, but plots as well. The development may lead a character to do something drastic or dangerous. For instance, in order to protect Luce from getting hurt or knowing too much, Daniel ignores her only to have her go straight into a trap set up by demons. In this particular book, character development makes Luce transform from a shy, weak girl to a strong leader. The action in turn can encourage the other characters to follow suit in a journey to save Earth and protect their friends.

Storylines are tremendous pieces that create classic styles that will have the reader both laughing and crying. The novel’s elements of romance, suspense, and religious context create a semi-historical element for the book. Each element thickens the plot to create a dynamic system of chronological events, making it rough and edgy to readers. Madeline Shepard, senior at WHS, says, “I’ve always been interested in the ideas of angels.” She read Fallenwhich brought her great joy.

Although the plot line and details of the story are vital in books, dialogue is just as crucial for a story. In the novel, the dialogue helps give each character a voice. Luce’s lines are full of innocence while Daniel’s are full of suffering and old age. Each line provides readers with an inside look to the character’s thoughts and feelings. Dialogue is the conscience or core of a character, where one can truly see his or her thoughts and emotions. In Fallen, the dialogue puts words to action and helps readers understand the outlying event that they may not be picking up on.

Lauren Kate is known for her incredible writing attributes and expansive vocabulary in her novels, which is why readers enjoy the book series so much. This is why all the fans who read the book are so excited for the movie because the book on its own is a marvelous chance for readers to see the story come to life on the big screen. WHS senior Alyssa Hall said, “I’ve been really looking forward to the Fallen movie adaptation because Lauren Kate’s books are great enough just as books, but to see them come to life is even more amazing.” That is what all other readers should keep in mind before hesitating on reading Fallen. Go pick up a copy before the movie comes out!

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