An apple a day: The Apple Watch

Sam S.

Staff Writer

People say that the apple never falls far from the tree; that may be the case with Apple’s new device: the Apple Watch. On April 24th Apple released its own rendition on the wrist-watch. This watch has been met witapple1h a mixed reaction so far; as with most products, it has its positives as well as its negatives that consumers must consider.

The Apple Watch includes a touchscreen interface as well as many familiar apps similar to the iPhone. However, many of the default apps require a connection to an iPhone 5 or newer and the IOS 8.2 update or newer; this connection is made via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  The watch has its own app store, allowing anyone to develop apps for it with Apple’s WatchKit software framework. The apps for the Apple Watch are less intricate than their Apple product siblings. Fitness buffs may like the apps, however, as there is an activity app that tracks how active the user is throughout the day. For those interested in living a healthy lifestyle, there is an edition of the watch specifically marketed for the occasional or avid exerciser called the Apple Watch Sport.

While many consumers are interested in available apps, another feature of the watch is one that comes with great ease and power. This feature is a new function called Apple Pay, a mobile payment system which allows the user to pay for products and services almost instantly with the watch on, just like a credit card.

The Apple Watch comes in three collections: the regular Apple Watch, the aforementioned Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. All versions of the Apple Watch have 8 gigabytes of storage, at this current time, which allows the user to store up to 2 gigabytes of music and 75 megabytes of photos. With the average size of a music file being 4 megabytes and the average size of a photo being 712 kilobytes, the user could store about 500 songs and 105 photos on the watch. This limitation only applies when the Apple Watch is not connected to the user’s iPhone. However, when the watch is connected to the iPhone, all music and photos on the phone are available on the watch.

The watch has its disadvantages; ranging from $349 for the Sport model to $17,000 for the exquisite Edition version, this product can be a costly sum for those who wish to obtain it. Colton Rogers, a freshman here at Woodstock, says, “I think it’s overpriced, but after a while the price will go down, and then more people will have it.” His opinion is valid; the original iPhone started out fairly costly, but given a few years, it was in the majority of the publics’ hands.

Perhaps another downside to the Apple Watch is its management of energy, and even its time. Unlike other traditional watches, the Apple Watch needs to be charged in order to tell the current time. The battery life is pretty good though, up to 18 hours in fact. However, some consumers could consider this a setback and a turn-off as they could just get an iPhone on its own, since those can tell the time as well, or they could just buy a regular watch. This incompetence factor could limit the Apple Watch’s ability to sell efficiently and find its comfort with the consumer. Regardless of its actual achievements, Apple will most likely portray an image of success in their advertising for the product.

The benefit of this type of technology is, of course, mobility and ease of access. Simply looking down at the wrist rather than fumbling around in the back pocket is an example of the small but noticeable ease this watch allows. Of course, with any new consumer product, those who are early adopters are often the target of envy and popularity. With these watches on the wrist, the consumer could portray an image of wealth, which has always been a popular fashion to entertain. Freshman student Jeffrey Topper said, “With the watches, I think there might be peer pressure from friends with a watch against friends without one in the future.” While it may not be evident now, peer pressure could be a problem once the watch settles in. Like with the iPhone, those without the Apple Watch in the future could be made fun of for not being able to afford one.

Aside from its downsides, the Apple Watch is a marvel of technological advancement. Its advantages include mobility and ease of access, showing how much closer humanity is coming together with the technology it creates. With technology becoming more and more intertwined with the way society lives, perhaps the Apple Watch might find an audience in the future. It is only a matter of time after all!

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