Black Ops III: the New Beginning

Chase M.

Staff Writer

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will blow the doors off of any game that has ever been played. Black Ops III is being released on November 6th, 2015, and it will follow the series of the past two games involving Michael Mason and his son, David Mason, who are in-game characters that will be played in the campaign mode. Black Ops III will have a variety of game modes including campaign, multiplayer, and as always, zombies. In development for almost three years, the game is expected to have incredible detail and better quality than games preceding it.

The campaign, which is the storyline of the game, will allow players to customize their character and alter what the character will look like. Although the players will still be following the same storyline presented in Black Ops I and II, the campaign will feature the use of exo suits, which essentially make players super-humans, allowing them to jump about 30 feet in the air, to increase their strength, and to heal much more quickly. Another aspect to the campaign is the robotic side. The mechanics of the game will be that players will basically be half-human, half-robot. Players may have a human brain, but the rest of the player’s body is made of mechanical parts that can be controlled by other people.  This will allow people with EMPs, which shut down electrical equipment, to disable the player’s bodily parts. The trailer for Black Ops III shows rioters protesting the power of the indestructible military soldiers and destroying buildings. One of the slogans in the game is “What happens when we base ourselves on technology, and technology fails us.” The campaign will be based off this idea, of technology failing humans. The eruption of a new civil war is burning in the US, and the player will be in the middle of it.

Black-Ops-3_Ramses-Station_Under-SiegePlayers will be under a great deal of stress, pushing through hordes of zombies trying to eat them! An incredible feature coming to this game is the zombies! Making a hit in Call of Duty: World at War, players have been asking for more zombies. Zombies is a survival mode, where players try to survive against hordes of zombies. Jonathan Murphy, sophomore, says, “Zombies is the only thing I look forward to when playing Call of Duty. Zombies is a great way to test your survival skills! Normally, before I get on multiplayer, I warmup my thumbs by playing COD.” In zombies mode, players can pick up different weapons to protect themselves and also upgrade these weapons. To upgrade the weapons, the player must put the weapon into the Pac of Punch machine; this will allow the player to better defend himself against the hordes. Another feature that has not been used in the game yet is exo suits, which will allow for players to jump away from zombie hordes, instead of running away from zombies like in recent games. This will provide more options on how the player plans his survival. In zombies, players must use strategy with other players to make it to the maximum amount of rounds. Tyler Harris, sophomore, says, “Without strategy in zombies, me and my team cannot last long. We have to evaluate the map and strategize what everyone will be doing.”

Call of Duty has struggled with multiplayer before. Players will say things like, “Wow, so original!” or “Let’s just play on the same maps we’ve played on since we were 12.” Players have been frustrated about designers using maps they have used in the past. Tyler Harris, sophomore, says, “I never want to buy the newest games from Treyarch; they are not worth it to me. It’s pretty much the same maps and guns every year.” Although now that Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Activision (the game designer) have had about three years to develop the gameplay, developers are looking to come out with a bang. Since the game is based on future warfare, which has been the trend for plenty of Call of Duty games, players are able to use different guns like lasers and guns that will shoot twice as far. Also, players can use something that will spring them up in the air and allow them to surprise their enemies. Jonathan Murphy, sophomore, says, “The addition of exo suits and the new guns allow players to see different parts of the map and travel to the top of buildings to get an advantage against other players.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops III appears to be an all-around great game. Black Ops III has a fantastic campaign, zombies map, and multiplayer matches. People underestimate Call of Duty because of its recent games, but now game developers are proving everyone wrong. Call of Duty will be switching it up this year with the new guns, the exo suit abilities, and the zombies maps.

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