Ferris, like the wheel

Makayla P.

Staff Writer

Right out of Georgia, Ferris is an up-and-coming synthesizer rock trio made up of WHS sophomores Matthew Mattson (drums, vocals) and Matt Bashaw (bass), as well as Kennesaw Mountain senior Liam Hall (vocals, piano). Ferris appeals to a large range of audiences, but only a limited amount of people have been able to experience their music. Although the band is small now, their slow growth has truly grounded them as artists.

Ferris began as Mattson and Hall were “forced” to be friends. Mattson says, “Liam and I’s dads worked together when we were younger, so we were basically forced to be friends until we got older and realized we were both actually pretty cool. We found out that we both liked music and a lot of the same music, so we started jamming together in about 6th grade, and the rest is history.” Mattson and Hall both sing and play guitar, but Hall is the main vocalist in this trio, with Mattson on the drums. When asked how Bashaw came into the group, Mattson responded, “You know, that’s pretty funny because I don’t really remember. I guess he just asked to be in, and we decided to start a trio.” Ferris has considered themselves a band for about eight months.

Ferris has a very mixed sound, drawing their inspiration from diverse artists, such as The Avett Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and Walk the Moon. Most think Ferris does the mixing of these different artists pretty well. Sophomore Katie Costa says, “Ferris’ vibe works so well; it just has a nice mesh of everything good.” Mattson says that this strange yet compelling vibe comes from their interlacing of acoustic guitar and some dubstep bass. “We love trying to make all these different sounds and different genres somehow come together in a way that just really embodies what we all love about music.” While fans already love Ferris’s sound, the band is still in the process of developing its sound.

Ferris has already played many gigs at this point in their career, and the band expects many more opportunities to come. So ferris mp 2far they have played at Swayzes in Alpharetta, which they consider their first real gig. Sophomore and ‘band mom’ Ashlyn Richardson said, “They were so excited about playing in front of so many people for the first time, especially because half of them were all of our friends. It’s really great for them I think to have friends who are so supportive of what they do as artists.” Their other major gig was at the Copper Coin in downtown Woodstock, where they were shown much support from fans and friends as well. Costa said, “I felt a little bad at Copper Coin because after Ferris was done, basically everyone got up and left with them. There is always a big turnout for anywhere they perform.” The band’s most recent gig was at a friend’s birthday party, where people who were not even invited showed up to watch them.

Many are puzzled at the band’s name and do not quite understand the meaning. Biology teacher Ms. Julie Moeller, who was also Mattson’s freshman biology teacher, said, “I’ve heard some of their stuff since I had Matt in my class, and I was so proud of all those boys, even if I don’t really understand the name.” When asked about how Ferris obtained its seemingly peculiar name, Bashaw responded, “Well, it’s actually pretty simple. We have this friend named Ferris, and we just thought he was the coolest guy ever. We all wish we were him, so we figured we could just name our band after him instead, in hopes that as a trio we could all as a whole maybe amount to the level of cool the true Ferris is.” Even though being cool is certainly a priority for Ferris’ future, they have many other goals as well.

Although Ferris currently has a rather small following, mostly from teenagers who know the boys, the band members have big dreams for the future. Bashaw said, “We’re starting out pretty small obviously and haven’t done too much yet. We definitely weren’t some overnight sensation, but we pride ourselves in that.” Mattson added, “We are trying to do this whole fame thing right without any reality shows or cheesy auditions for things that aren’t going to be worth it. We just want our success to be completely from our hard work and talent, no shortcuts or bribes, just honest and real music that everyone can love. That’s our goal.” Ferris has officially released one single, “Slash and Burn,” which is available on iTunes now.

Ferris is a small town band with such a large amount of love and support going out to them from friends and fans alike.  Although the origins of this unique trio are filled with fun and good times, they have large and serious plans ahead for the future. Their true wish is for their music to appeal and speak to as many people as possible and to try and make an actual impact with the activity that they invest their hard work and time into constantly.

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