Is dreaming believing?

Savanna F.

Staff Writer

Dreams are mysterious occurrences people wonder about, often asking themselves what they mean. Dreams can be interpreted in many different ways. Psychology teacher, Mr. Allen Domenico states, “Dreams are the window to the unconscious. They are random; your brain stem sends signals to the cortex, and our brain is trying to figure out what’s going on.” Everyone dreams every night, yet many do not know their implication.

As if the thought of falling from a great height in real life is not scary enough, dreaming about it is not entertaining either. Many people dream about falling off a building or a cliff; this dream can signify the anxiety the dreamer is having. The anxiety is much beyond the person’s control, and the meaning can show the failure at which he or she is feeling. Falling dreams also occur in those who suffer from depression and explain that one’s life could be headed in the wrong direction.

Like dreaming about falling, losing teeth is also common amongst people. Many people dream about eating or chewing something and then spitting out a tooth. Experts agree that teeth symbolize a number of circumstances, including the ability to communicate. Therefore, these dreams often come when the dreamer is having a difficult time expressing feelings or losing the ability to communicate. Interpreters believe losing a part of oneself physically (i.e. the tooth) represents what that individual lost mentally (i.e. the ability to communicate).

Dreams SF 2Usually all dreams at some point have their negative aspects ranging from losing teeth to dying, but when one dreams about it, he or she often wonders what it implies. Watching oneself or loved ones pass away in a dream is the most dreadful and also happens quite often. Sophomore Kyle Bourget claims, “As for dreams of another getting hurt, I believe those to be a direct fear of losing someone.” Even though this is a dark subject to dream about, death can be associated with emotional change surrounding the dreamer. It is a sign to make room for something new such as the rebirth of oneself and becoming a better person, which could be better than whatever it was before.

Another negative aspect includes having nightmares of being chased by someone or something. This type of dream symbolizes that the dreamer is being threatened in real life. He or she could also be running away from fear, which could be internal or external battles. Sophomore Yuri Von Helde states, “I have dreamt where I was running away from a cop before, and it could symbolize that I am running away from some type of fear.” Therefore, the dreamer should pay attention to his or her surroundings.

Though many people dream about random situations uncontrollably, others have also tried lucid dreaming, which occurs when the dreamer knows when he or she is dreaming and has the ability to control the dreams. Mr. Domenico explains, “Lucid dreaming is righteous! It’s really cool, and there are no specific ways you have to lie or no special moves.” With lucid dreaming, the dreamer has a greater chance at manipulating the imaginary experience. Under certain circumstances, including being aware of the dream environment, dream meaning, and oneself, this type of dreaming can be done by almost anyone.

The scariest situation having to do with sleeping is sleep paralysis, which is not being able to move after one has awoken. This occurs during rapid eye movement (REM), and the body’s muscles are relaxed to the point of paralysis. Mr. Domenico claims, “Sleep paralysis is terrifying; you wake up and look around, but your mind is still paralyzed, and you’re not able to move.” Sleep paralysis switches on and off during sleep, which results in the dreamer becoming shocked. The paralysis is sometimes responsible for nightmarish hallucinations, such as alien abductions and ghostly apparitions. Though it is temporary, sleep paralysis can be a horrifying situation to experience.

People can have several, sometimes a dozen, dreams in one night. Human beings spend one-third of their lives sleeping, dreaming roughly around six years total. Psychology teacher Mr. James Sanchez claims, “Me, personally, I think dreams are extensions of what happened that day. If one had a good day, then he or she will have a good dream; if one had a stressful day, he or she will have a stressful dream. I don’t believe there is a hidden meaning, nor do I believe they can show the future. Just because you dream about it does not mean it will happen; it’s just an extension of the day.” Most dreams have a meaning according to some interpreters, and even the most bizarre dreams can be interpreted. Bourget says, “I think every dream has a meaning whether it be big or small/direct or indirect.’’ Whether one believes they mean something or not, dreams are mysterious yet interesting.

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