Stories from 10,000 feet up in the sky

Hadley C.

Staff Writer

The sky is a wonderful and mysterious place. It is a whole other world where the weather collects, the birds migrate, and people in metal boxes fly. On Earth and in the air alike, humans do strange things. In the sky, however, the weirdest aspects of people always seem to show.

This first noteworthy story comes from a fed-up flight attendant named Betty. It may be normal to see a service dog being used to help the disabled on a plane, but since when could just any animal hop aboard coach seating? Betty’s favorite story about an “emotional support animal” is a story about a middle-aged-woman, some tiny tube socks, and a turtle called Herman.  One of Betty’s fellow attendants was walking through the aisle when she saw something attached to a flyer’s window. When the attendant asked the passenger what was on her window, the traveler replied with, “This is Herman. Herman likes to look out the window.” Upon further inspection, the flight attendant could see that Herman had a small tube sock on each flipper with a suction cup attached to each foot. It was obvious that these socks were hand made. Instead of having a good laugh, the flight attendant told the passenger that her turtle needed to be in his container for takeoff and landing.

On another airline in December, a Korean businesswoman had a case of a bad attitude, concerning nuts. It all started stories from 10k up - HC (2)when Cho Hyun-ah (Otherwise known as Heather Cho, the daughter of Korean Air’s CEO) ordered Macadamia nuts. Her order was given to her in a bag (instead of on a plate), and Hyun-ah went nuts. She allegedly had the server kneel before her and plead for forgiveness while striking him with a document folder. She also demanded that the plane be brought down at the next airport they passed. She has since resigned from her position at Korean Air and faces time at a detention center. The server was fired by Hyun-ah once the plane had made its emergency landing, but he has been put back to work in his current position on the Korean Air team.

Another alarming episode happened recently when an Alaska Airlines flight on its way to Los Angeles was delayed because a crew member had fallen asleep in the cargo pit. The sound of the crew member kicking and yelling in the pit made passengers think that the plane might be malfunctioning, so the plane turned around to an airport in Seattle to investigate. However, there was no engine problem. The slumbering crew member had detected he was no longer on ground and had accidentally stowed away on a flight after being in the air for a few moments. Out of fear for his life, he created a racket in the pit after police thought that his desperate mid-air phone call was a prank call. After the plane landed, the crew member was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasoning. He is uninjured, and he (as far as reports go) is still employed; he passed a drug test and underwent a full criminal background check beforehand.

A few students at WHS have had some interesting airplane experiences of their own. Sophomore Emily Cash was on a flight with her brother when the man next to her handed her his baby and told her he was going to the restroom. “It was so weird. The dude just handed me his baby and walked off. All my brother did was say he was glad he wasn’t sitting where I was.” Another student who did not want to be identified, talked about her trip to the Atlanta Airport. As the Marta train doors opened, a flood of storm troopers poured out and went into the airport! “We were waiting on a train, and when it finally showed up, all these Star Wars characters came out. And it wasn’t even during Dragon Con!” she said. Junior Alice Abigail was on a flight to Salt Lake City when two children started a panic. As the plane flew over the lakes on the way to the landing pad, the boys began to yell. “They were screaming ‘We’re gonna die!’ as loud as they could. I mean, really? It was so annoying.”

Humans are strange creatures, with different motives and reactions to everything. However, when it comes to planes, some events are more troublesome than others.  Passengers on airplanes might want to be a little more cautious with who they sit next to!

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