Beauty Blogger: Katie Costa


Our Wolverines are doing exceptional things! One of which is Katie Costa, a junior here at Woodstock High School who runs a beauty blog on YouTube that just hit 30,000 subscribers! She was asked to give some information about what she does. Read below to find out some more information about one of our Wolverines!

AR: How did you feel when you hit 30,000 subscribers?

KC: It is insane! I always compare it to the number of people at school. There are 2,000-plus students in Woodstock High School, and that feels like a bunch but add 28,000 to that? The coolest thing though is that I can talk about anything I want and over 30,000 people from around the world are listening.

AR: Did you think that your channel would come this far since its beginning in 2011?

KC: No! I remember when I first started my channel and I didn’t even tell my best friends about it. I was ecstatic to get 100 subscribers. It’s crazy that those 100 or so subscribers have basically seen me grow up over the internet. Creepy? A little, but mostly cool.

AR: What inspired you to start your channel? Do you still have the same inspiration today?

KC: First off, I have always loved doing my makeup, hair and styling outfits. I learned how to do my makeup via YouTube, and I thought that I could possibly help people, too! Yes, I get inspiration every day. With social media, there is inspiration everywhere for new ideas for videos.

AR: How have you seen yourself grow since you started your channel?

KC: Most definitely. My oldest videos are so embarrassing, and I cringe at myself watching them, but hey, I will probably look back in a few years and think the same thing about my 16-year-old self. So physically, yes I’ve seen myself change a lot. Braces to no braces, long hair to short hair, short to, well, I’m still short. But most importantly, I’ve seen myself grow emotionally. Because of rude comments and hate I get on my videos, I have learned to not really care what people think of me all that much and to be myself because there is always going to be someone that does not like you.

AR: Tell us more about the channel itself. Just a general overview of what you do.

KC: Basically, I started making YouTube videos to teach girls how to do their makeup because that is something I am really passionate about. As time went on I realized that makeup is great and everything and it can make you look really pretty but what really matters is how you treat yourself and others. This quote by Mandy Hale sums up that whole idea perfectly: “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” So, I’ve moved on from just makeup, hair, and fashion videos to advice videos on topics including kindness, confidence, high school, friends, etc. In a way acting as big sister to girls that look up to me on the internet. I’m given this opportunity to speak to over 30,000 people and growing about anything I want, so why not try to make a positive impact on someone’s life?

AR: Do you interact with your subscribers?

KC: Yes! I try to reply to every comment/tweet/message. These girls look up to me and I know that I would be so happy if someone that I looked up to or am “a fan of” replied to me. But I’ll tell you something, I will never get used to people calling me their “role model” (or making fan pages). That’s a lot of pressure right there! It’s surreal to see people freaking out when I follow them on Instagram or reply to their comment.

AR: Where can people find your videos?

KC: If you just type in “Katie Lynn” on YouTube, I am the first result! Easy peasy!

AR: Do you plan to continue to do your videos after high school is over?

KC: I sure hope so. Right now, I want to go to New York for college (fingers crossed), and I cannot even imagine the amount of inspiration I will get by living there.

AR: What is your next subscriber goal?

KC: I hope to have 50,000 by graduation!

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