Catching up with Coach Clark

Although the basketball season is slowly approaching, talk is swirling about Woodstock’s new addition to the basketball coaching staff. Kingston Clark, our new varsity basketball head coach, has come to Woodstock with a headstrong attitude and an undeniable eagerness to grow the athletes on the team.

It is very clear that he is a motivated man because to come to a school such as Woodstock takes drive. When asked about the move to Woodstock, he simply put, “It was the best place to be for me and my family.”

However, when asked about his motivation, a sentimental answer came from the generally serious man. He expressed that his motivation came from his high school coach. He states, “He didn’t want me to follow in his footsteps because sometimes being the coach, you catch a lot of heat from people. Coach Allen Robinson was his name and God called him home July of 2013. Before his death, he was able to touch many young people. I just wish to my players some day they will look at me the same way.”

From speaking to the varsity basketball athletes, Coach Clark harnesses this inspiration and passion to their practices enabling them to improve. In addition to this, the athletes have expressed their immense trust in Coach Clark. They do not have much fear or speculation of his coaching ability nor are they worried about adjusting to his techniques.

Even though the athletes fear is not present, Coach Clark still has slight concerns. His biggest fear is not losing but rather, as he states, is “the fear of the unknown.” Fortunately, through his faith and 24 years of experience coaching and further experience playing himself, he is able to overcome this fear and prioritize the improvement of the team.

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