Freshman Class Size

This photo may or may not have come from the first day of school.

This photo may or may not have been taken as students were entering Woodstock High School on the first day of school.

In recent years, Cherokee County has been growing rapidly. This has caused the number of freshman going into high school to increase dramatically.

At last count, there are over 2,200 students walking the halls of Woodstock High School, 690 of which are freshmen. This has caused some changes. For example, a new set of trailers was put in behind the cafeteria so that we could fit more classes. Additionally, the high school has taken over multiple “middle school” trailers for the increase population.

Another is the added lunch period. Sixth period lunch had to be added because it was not possible to fit everybody in the three separate lunches that already existed. Many people are displeased with this as well.

Emily Gordon, a freshman, said, “Everything is so cramped and there are so many people. It is hard to make friends because you have several upper classmen in your classes, so you do not know who is your age, and who isn’t.

Upper classmen are also unhappy. An unnamed, outraged senior girl in the hallway shouted, “They got lockers before us?!”

Teachers have also mentioned that they do not like how everything is so squished, and how it is hard just to walk down the hallway. They also said that it takes much longer to grade and get work back to students because they have a significantly larger number of papers than last year.

As you see, though Cherokee County growing is good for economy, many people in the school systems do not like the increase in students, especially the large freshman class.

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