ISIS: A new wave of Terror

The terroristic cell officially named ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has increasingly become a major threat to American citizens and in broader terms, all believers in the Christian faith.

Coming from small beginnings, the group actually merged with another well-known terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, in 2004. However, after several disagreements and the assassination of Osama Bin-Laden the group became independent again in 2014.

Since its departure from Al-Qaeda, ISIS has been busy attempting and succeeding in multiple terroristic acts all with the same goal in mind: creating their own Islamic country and murdering anyone who disagrees. They believe they have right to form their own Sunni Islamic state in the Middle East, and they have the true successor to Muhammad.

ISIS also carries a deep hatred of Americans and non-Muslims, especially Christians and the Jewish. Their scorn for America comes from their opinion that Americans should not have any presence in the Middle East and all traces of it should be removed, while their hatred of non-Muslims is from their idea that not worshipping Islam, specifically Sunni, is immoral and must be answered with death or severe punishments.

They have become known for their brutal method of publically beheading innocent citizens and recording said events then proceeding to spreading these videos online for everyone to see in order to strike fear into the public. It is also evident is that most middle eastern have a large populous that sympathize with this cause as it has major footholds in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and more, including an estimated 10 million members.

But why should we, as a small community in Georgia, care about an international threat which has so far shown no signs of attacking America let alone a small town like Woodstock? Because if even it is low the odds of attack here are low they are still a factor.

The idea that a terrorist attack wouldn’t happen in a small town is exactly what they want us to think, and while we do have some form of defense it is not nearly enough to deal with a threat like ISIS. We also happen to live only around 20 minutes from Atlanta, Georgia one of the biggest cities in the U.S. Therefore, it would make sense to attack a smaller town in the area to scare residents of the major city.

So, what is the future of this ever-growing threat? Well, unfortunately it is projected that this group will continue to grow unless heavy pressure is put on to address this looming issue or a major terrorist attack happens somewhere in the world. What is important to note is to not generalize these people.

Most Islamic followers do not sympathize with their cause calling it barbaric and unnecessary, similar to how most Christians see the Westboro Baptist church. In terms to a solution would be to directly deal with this head on but without an official area to where they call home it is hard to pin down and fight them, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been trying.

Several ops have been recorded of soldiers killing or capturing several prominent leaders within their organization and bombings on their bases have restricted their trade and communication ties. What is very apparent is ISIS is not going to stop any time soon and until we can afford to address it completely all we can do is keep fighting where we can, but I have no doubt in my mind that we as a country can handle this threat as we have countless times before.

Quotes from around the school

“It is kind of scary to think that they would target a town like ours because I don’t know if we can handle it” – anonymous

“ISIS is like an infection and unless addressed quickly and aggressively will continue to grow fast” – Dr. Engram

“The possibility that we may have a new terrorist group like Al-Qaeda who would try another 9/11 type attack is extremely terrifying” – anonymous

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