Possible Gang Ties in College Abductions

The semester has just started at the University of Houston and people are already trying to leaver sooner rather than later.

The rumors are terrifying. You can find this everywhere; it’s all over the news. Members from a well-known street gang, located in the city of Houston and many other major cities across the United States, have allegedly issued a threat to target vehicles with sorority letters at the University of Houston.

The threat claims that members of the gang will be following girls with the letters on their vehicles and trapping them with another gang member’s car as initiation into the gang. Investigators from the University of Houston Police Department (UHPD) are coordinating with anti-gang units to develop a potential solutions to this problem.

This problem may not be just three states away. It could be happening at a place, somewhat close to home for most of us here at Woodstock. Kennesaw State University has also mentioned, in an article published recently, that girls in sororities there have turned up missing. Each girl at KSU that has been identified as missing is reported to have sorority letters on their cars.

As of now, the girls in sororities at U of H and KSU are taking precautions. Some have moved out of their sorority houses for safety purposes, others are refraining from wearing letters and are taking the monogram letters off their vehicles. Details are limited due to the fact that this is a new occurrence in both locations, but new information will be added as it is provided.


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