Student Profile: Jordan Simonds

ST: How old are you?

JS: I’m 17

ST: What grade are you in?

JS: 12th; senior pride!

ST: When did you start getting into photography?

JS: I started getting into photography about 5 years ago. I was always taking pictures and editing them on my phone. My parents saw my passion and bought me a Nikon D3200. Now I have it with me everywhere I go!

ST: What or who is your favorite subject to photograph?

JS: I really want to get into photojournalism. I love capturing an emotion or expression that the subject doesn’t normally see for themselves. (Facial expressions, body movement, laughter…)

ST: Do you have your own business?

JS: I have been a photographer with an organization called Camp Gideon for 4 years now. I was also hired by Georgia teen institute. I wanted to show people my pictures so I created a business called “Streaming Image”. I have done some senior pictures and couples sessions.

ST: How can someone book a session with you?

JS: I can be contacted on social media. Streaming Image has an Instagram and a Facebook. Anyone can message Streaming Image and I can give them my information then.

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