Chacos seem to be popping up on people’s feet all over Woodstock. They are hiking sandals with many straps and thick rubber soles.

HPW-U-041810 025

Senior Savannah Krapf said, “I like them because they make me feel adventurous,” which is exactly what they were intended for.

The colorful, strappy shoes were made for people that want to get out and explore nature. It is a trend that is quite tolerable as long as they are not worn with socks.

A second trend at large in Woodstock is Birkenstock sandals. They usually have two thick straps that run across the foot and thick cork bottoms.


Senior Alex Shugart said, ” I like Birkenstocks because they are comfortable and give my foot a lot of support.” The shoes also give off a hipster kind of vibe that many people around the school like.

Although they are popular again, Birkenstocks are the same ugly shoes that they were in the 90s molded into a new form.

Another growing trend among the ladies of Woodstock is wearing many rings. Girls are wearing rings on ever finger and are mixing and matching metals more than ever.


Senior Madison Block said, “I like wearing all of my rings because they were either given to me by someone special or have meaning to me.”

All of the different rings give something interesting to look at on the hands and adds another element to an outfit.

Lastly, a trend that has not only hit Woodstock, but has worked its way all around the country is the flow. The flow is when boys start to grow their hair out to about their shoulders.


Senior Jacob Yoder said, “I think guys like growing their hair out because the girls like it.”

Many girls have shown that they like this trend and as long as the hair does not grow past their shoulders. We think the trend does work for many of them.

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