Cross Country Notches First Win in First Race

Lead story:  The Battle of the Fairways was a very successful race for the Woodstock Wolverines cross country team, especially for one runner. Corey Champion, senior, has been running since he was in 6th grade, and all of those miles are finally paying off. Champion placed first overall at the meet, where he was competing against 12 other teams. He finished his two mile race in a whopping time of 10:35. Champion’s first race of the season is only the beginning of what’s to come this season. In case you missed it: Not only did the Wolverines have the top girl and boy runners at The Battle of the Fairways meet, but they also had a strong team behind them. The Woodstock boys placed first out of all 12 teams, and the Woodstock girls placed second out of all 12 teams.

Wolverine(s) of the month: After only having one race so far this season, two Wolverines are already catching all the attention. Corey Champion, senior, plays a huge role on the team this year. Not only is he appreciated for his running skills, but Champion is also appreciated for his character. He is always out there motivating his teammates to train harder, while also being the one to bring some humor to the endless mile runs. Brynne Sumner, freshman, is also going to play a big role in the girls team. It’s not every day that we see freshman coming onto a team and leading the pack, but Sumner is bringing it to a whole new level. Winning her first varsity race as a freshman is a huge accomplishment and Woodstock can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Quotable: Q: How are you feeling with the team and their performance this year? A: “I think the team will be much more complete with runners one through seven (varsity) for the boys and girls, which should help us in the big meets.” -Coach Scharich Q: How did you feel at the end of the race, knowing you just won?

A: “It felt like all my hard work this summer payed off for me and I was really happy with how our team performed as a whole. I know our team has an opportunity to do something special this year if we can stay healthy and keep training hard. A top 5 finish in state is the goal.” –Corey Champion

Off the beaten path: Although the majority of the time the Wolverine cross country team is on the track or on a trail, the team involves themselves with other things as well. Many of the runners are involved in other sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and swim to keep them active through all sports seasons. Others are involved in academic clubs, church groups, or outside community service projects. The Woodstock Wolverine cross country team is always keeping busy whether it’s on the trail or in the classroom.

By the numbers: 1.First race of the season. First race to be won by Corey Champion in his running career. First runner on the varsity team. First place overall for the boys’ team. First freshman to come through Woodstock as the first runner on the girls team. First race to be won by Brynne Sumner. First time in five years that the Woodstock cross country team has had such a complete team.

Looking ahead: Sept. 5: Stars Mill High School, Panther invitation at 12 pm. September 12: Carrollton High School, Carrollton Invitational at 12 pm. September 27: Titusville, FL, FL Runners Invitational at 12:00 pm.xc2

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