Teachers Share Worst Jobs Ever

Have you ever wondered which jobs may seem great but are actually terrible? Now we have some answers from some of our own faculty at Woodstock High School.

Mrs. Graner worked retail at Gap. Gap was the most well-known retail store before Abercombie, Hollister, J.Crew, and Kohls. Mrs. Graner worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and there were no breaks. She didn’t get to have an enjoyable Christmas that year. It was all business once you started your shift.

Mrs. Breaux went to clean up Lake Alatoona with a group of people. There were not enough gloves for everyone who worked so Mrs. Breaux “donated” her gloves to someone without gloves. She cleaned up the lake with her bare hands. Mrs. Breaux said, “The things we collected from the lake were smelly and interesting. We collected 15 bags of trash in the middle of the winter, but it was worth it.”

Mrs. Ray had to deliver newspapers seven days a week with no breaks. She started her shift at 2 am or earlier. Her shift did not end until 7 am. She did this job so her kids did not have to go to daycare.

Coach Wallace worked at Starbucks. Coach Wallace said, “Coffee fanatics are borderline insane. People would come and order something like this, ‘I want a Tall White Chocolate Latte in Grande cup, extra hot, soy milk, extra foam and half an equal.’” Coach Wallace then said, “Seriously, how does one come about this knowledge? Did you try one with the regular amount of foam and have a bad day? Does a whole Equal make you too jittery? And why the extra room in the cup; what’s that about?”

Now for some advice, If you work these jobs or are thinking about working these jobs, get as much sleep as possible, get proper nutrition, stay hydrated, and give customers decaf coffee. Special words from Mrs. Graner, “Remember you cannot always please everyone.”

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