Cleaning Up Hygiene Habits

Staff writer: Claudia Miklosik

Seniors celebrated their second spirit day of the year on Sept. 16. The theme was “Dress like a Middle Schooler”. Most of the awkward trends made their temporary comeback: Capri lengths as cringe-worthy as puberty itself, kendamas and phitens decorating the necks of boys, among a few. Graphic tees which have been thankfully tucked away in storage were brought out for this special day.

Thinking about middle school, the one thing that comes to mind isn’t just the awful style – it’s the smell. And that’s saying a lot.

It’s safe to say that middle school was an unhygienic time in life. Jordan Gaines, senior, reminisced on the hygiene habits of the girls’ locker room. “We would go days, even weeks, without washing our gym clothes,” she remembered. She continued, “Who needed deodorant or clean clothes when we had every scent of body spray to drench ourselves in?” Yikes. What was wrong with us?

Thankfully, the middle school phase is one that has closed for the students of Woodstock High School. We have matured in many ways, and have hopefully blossomed into clean and pure hygiene angels.

Not quite.

hygiene pic 1

Freshman seem to have missed the difference between middle school gym and high school personal fitness. We aren’t barbarians here. A swipe of deodorant never hurt anyone! “Unless it’s against your religion, deodorant is a great, great thing,” says Coach Dameron. Dameron, who used to coach and teach physical education at Cherokee High School, mentioned handing out deodorant to his students at Cherokee because the smell got so bad after gym.

Hopefully we never stoop down to Cherokee High School’s level… in anything… ever.

On a serious note, there are plenty of simple ways to make sure your hygiene is maintained. Something as simple as washing your hair daily to keep it grease-free makes a big difference. Brushing your teeth on the regular is a given. Soap should be a component in your daily shower, too.

A little known but Holy Grail hygiene tip comes from Woodstock’s very own anatomy teacher, Ms. Cox. When asked what her #1 hygiene tip for students was, she responded with: “Water. Lots of water.” Ms. Cox continued, “Your body is mostly water. The more you take in of the stuff, the better every single body system can function. It’s amazing what being hydrated will do. Your skin will clear up, your sweat will stink less.” You heard her. Fill your bottles up! You should strive for at least 64 ounces a day.

All in all, improving your hygiene does not have to be a difficult mountain to climb. Shower, use deodorant, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and drink water. If you’re smelling your own odor, it’s too late.

hygiene pic 2

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