Fall Movie Season is in Full Swing

Staff Writer: Ulises Lara

issue 2 movies 1

The Visit                                                                                                                                                                       Night Shyamalan returns and makes a new mark on the horror movie genre. The visit is taken from the perspective of two young siblings who visit their grandparents and have a wonderful time, until they broke the rule of leaving the room they stay in after 9:30 pm. That is when the mood gets set to a darker tone on family. The children are introduced to physiological fear and to their family in a way they would have never thought possible. The once comedic tone perfectly mixes with the heart-pounding horror. The visual perspective of the movie shows the angles of where a camera would be if not in use, and provides noteworthy one-on-one interviews for each characters thoughts. Still, in true Shyamalan form, there are a few questions unanswered and loop holes unresolved, but it is definitely a great horror movie.


issue 2 movies 2

Sinister 2

Simple, just another generic horror movie that tries too harder on scares than on story or plot. The resources for the movie are low and the horror feels forced to come out on jump scares. This movie just feels plain dull and simply full of a lot of gore. The trend of this sorry excuse for a horror movie is just sad, and just feels like Michel Bay tried to make a horror movie.


issue 2 movies 3

Pawn Sacrifice

Toby Maguire, better known as Spiderman and Nick Caraway from The Great Gatsby, now plays the role of Bobby Fischer. This drama is a griping story of how an individual finds himself caught between two superpowers in the years of the cold war. The movie definitely proves that chess can have even more suspense, where the people are pawns and every piece has more meaning than just the game. The absence of this movie may come from the loss of the game to enter the minds of viewers. The intricate roles of the actors seem to be too hard for them to play and just watching the movie gets a bit frustrating.


issue 2 movies 4

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

When the Maze Runner movie series began, the adaptation of the book has somewhat successfully made the movie as accurate as they could to the book. However, the sequel did not have as much luck as some would expect. Scorch Trials definitely opens up the series to even bigger heights, but not enough to pass all the disappointments it brings. In this installment, even more questions open up, and just like the first movie, left us all waiting almost a year for the next movie. Characters do not develop for a large chunk of the movie, even if we are given just a smidge of sense to a complex story. Not even the characters known what is happening, they just run to a convenient place for them to hide or lose the bad guys, which look nothing like they did in the book. The movie looks good and runs smoothly, but would be a lot better if some more explanations where given. However, the sequel just does not quite live up to its predecessor.


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