Madi Dalton: Golf Tourney

Staff Writer: Claudia Miklosik

Woodstock’s very own Madi Dalton, senior, is hosting a golf tournament this November.

Dalton has been playing for four years. “I’m glad I got to do this [the tournament] as my product because it ties into the sport I’ve played all through high school,” she described.

Coach Engram, the girls’ golf coach, praises Dalton’s growth and “coachability” throughout her high school career. “What makes Madi different is that she does so much more than is required of her, and it shows on the course. Truly exceptional. If we make if to state this year, and we came in tenth last year, Madi  will be the first in Wolverine history to go to state freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year,” said Engram. That’s a dedicated and talented Wolverine.

The tournament is set to occur on Sunday, Nov. 1, and will be held at the Bridge Mill Athletic Club and has a projected 60 golfers attending. Each participant must pay $75 to enter the tournament. Dalton aims to donate the money 50/50 between the school golf team and Esther Cannizzo Jr. Golf Association, a cancer research fund.

If a Woodstock High school student, family member, or friend is interested in participating in Dalton’s senior project, he or she can email Dalton at It will be a great way to tap into one’s competitive side, play golf, and raise money for a worthy cause all at the same time.



  1. Railey Smelley says:

    GO MADI D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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