Sit Down With Mr. President

Student Profile: Blake Heyer

Staff Writer: Grant Witten

Woodstock High School has seen some amazing people in its days. It has seen some of the brightest, and possibly a few dull individuals. Many of these Woodstock students were Sixes Elementary Stars. As everybody knows, Sixes Stars shine the brightest. None, however, shines quite as brightly as this individual does.

Senior class president Blake Heyer is an extraordinary individual. He is a very involved man especially in middle schools. Why does he do this? He may have his reasons. For now, it is safe to assume that he does it simply because he is a great man.

It is said that he once ran from western Tokyo to eastern Greenland in less than 17 hours, while stills fulfilling every presidential duty he had. Is this a myth? No one will ever know. Is he a legend? No one will ever doubt it.

GW: Where have you lived in your life?

BH: I was born Youngstown, Ohio, then I moved to Chicago. Then, when I was 3 years old, I moved to Georgia.

GW: You play lacrosse for WHS. What position do you play?

BH: I play goalie for the varsity team.

GW: Do you plan to play lacrosse in college?

BH: There is no way!

GW: You are senior class president. How many years have you held this office?

BH: I have been president for three years. I lost the election sophomore year due to Edmodo voting.

GW: Who was your biggest opponent over the years when running for class president, and what year(s) did you run against him/her?

BH: My biggest opponent was my ex, Paula Ruiz. I ran against her from freshman until junior year.

GW: What has been your biggest challenge in this position?

BH: My biggest challenge has been finding a way to make a difference and do something that people will actually care about.

GW: When do you usually perform your senior class president duties?

BH: I am class president all the time, everywhere. Even in my sleep.

GW: Where did you do most of your campaigning for your presidency?

BH: I used Twitter. I have many followers. I made clever slogans.

GW: Who was your biggest inspiration for running for this position?

BH: My friend, Michael Papadimitrio, told me to “be the best.”

GW: What have you enjoyed most about your presidency?

BH: I like the title. It makes for good Instagram posts and bios.

GW: How has this presidency influenced you as a person?

BH: I really feel like a leader. However, I would never ever, ever let it get to my head.

GW: Why did you decide that you wanted to be president?

BH: I wanted to lead. I wanted the power and responsibility.

GW: How has this affected your school/social life?

BH: Everybody knows me; I am just a truly memorable guy.

GW: How have you made an effect on your school and your senior class?

BH: I have made spirit days, game themes, t-shirts, and events to make 2016 especially memorable.

GW: Why do you think that you were voted into office?

BH: I am an intelligent leader with a purpose, and a determination to lead.

GW: How will this help you in the future?

BH: I would love to enter politics, and so this is the first step in my hopefully long career.

GW: Is there anything you would like to add?

BH: I would just like to give a special thanks and recognition to Michael Papadimitrio. He is a true inspiration, leader and role model for me and for my school.


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