Woodstock Football Team Aims For Redemption

Staff Writers: Jordan Gaines and Sydney Torres

Lead Story: Starting quarterback, Garrett Bass, took a hard spill during the game against our most hated rival during the 3rd quarter on Sept. 18. Unfortunately, Garrett suffered a serious ankle sprain and could be out for the rest of the season, but that will not stop him from showing up to every game to support his team. One play later, as he was being carried off the field, his eyes followed the ball all the way into the end zone as he threw his fist into the air and cheered for his boys. This pass was thrown by junior quarterback Liam Byrne, who will take Garrett’s spot while he is injured. The team will stay strong and finish out the season as a family, no matter the injuries; nothing can hold these boys down.

In Case You Missed It: Woodstock had a great victory over Pope on Sept. 11, to run the season record to 3-1. The future was looking bright for the Woodstock Wolverines until, in THE BIGGEST game of our season, they fell just short on the road against Etowah. Our Wolverines jumped out to a strong start and holding their own until the second quarter, the score was 17-0. Unfortunately, we could not come out with a win; the final score was 49-38. Although we were defeated, the students’ spirits could not be crushed as they rushed the field to meet their rivals.

Issue 2 football

Wolverine(s) of the Month: So far this season, we had some outstanding players step up to the line, but one especially stood out. Sophomore Louis Hall completed 10 catches, had 180 yards, and 2 touchdowns all against Pope on Sept. 11. To top it all off, he was also awarded athlete of the week.

Quotable: Senior Jamarius Dozier shared some of his words about the game last Friday. When asked “How could the outcome of the game been changed?” He answered “Well, for Woodstock, it all started in the weight room, putting the work in once you’re off the field, but (taking enhancements) seemed to work for Etowah, so we might have to start.” Junior Grant Jacobs had a slightly different viewpoint, saying, “Even though we played our hardest and trained our best it just wasn’t God’s plan for us to win…next year we will have another opportunity to prove ourselves on our turf.”

Off the Field: Don’t be fooled, our Wolverines may look big and bad on the field, but they clean up well. Four of our own football players were voted on to homecoming court. Senior Jerrail McMickens has made court for the second year in a row with his girlfriend, Alyssa Moffitt, right by his side. Also Sophomore Louis Hall has now made his appearance on the court as well. Freshmen Johnny Vaughan and Mitchell Wright were also named to the Court. Congratulations to our stars both on and off the field.

By the Numbers: To have such a young team this year, the Wolverines are really running up the yards. Our first string quarterback, Garrett Bass, took a hit that broke his ankle in the middle of the third quarter, giving junior Liam Byrne the opportunity he had been training for, despite the unfortunate situation, Liam really proved himself that game. He was 8-for-13, with 144 yards and 2 touchdowns. Also, sophomore receiver Noah Frith had a truly outstanding game with a total of 2 catches, 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. The younger Wolverines seem to be filling in the shoes of the previous athletes just fine.

Issue 2 football2

Looking Ahead: Halfway through the season, five games in and five still to go, our current record is 3-2. October 2, is our homecoming game, we will play Lassiter on our home field. The following week we will play at home against Cherokee, another one of our rivals, hopefully this time we can come out with the big W.

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