The Pure Insanity of Miley Cyrus.

Staff Writer: Ulises Lara               

As it has been stated many times, the true definition on insanity is doing the exact same thing, over and over, waiting for different results but ending up with the exact same thing. When comparing this definition to Miley Cyrus, we get a similar result.

Cyrus is like Rockstar video games, never-ending controversy and always makes sure the same reputation is kept. Such is the same with this once Disney child star, now an adult, but whom acts much like an immature person would.

She began having this sort of behavior when she went on stage at the MTV VMA awards and infamously “twerked” on stage.  She also brought a homeless teenaged girl as her date to the awards ceremony and shocked everyone who saw what she did.

Following that public escapade, as a bonus, she performed her “Wrecking Ball” video in nothing but a white see through tank top and white underwear while destroying everything at some fictitious construction site, sticking her tongue out like if she where some kind of lizard. Art at its highest degree.

And if you thought that was it, I am, unfortunately, just getting started. In the most recent years, even more controversy spilled out about Cyrus, and it does not seem to end anytime soon.  From doing drugs during concerts to rumors of having explicit videos controversy seems to be all around Ms. Cyrus.

What is possibly the most concerning thing she has said came from a seemingly easy interview question. She was asked, “Why do you behave the way you do?” And the reply was, “I’m just behaving the way people my age should.” She is 22! Cyrus use to be a role model to children, and now in her adult years, she acts like she being forced to be insane. She is likely the second most hated former role model (number one being Justin Beiber).

Will we ever see Miley be a role model again? Not in the way children would want as one. Will we ever see her mature or become a regular normal citizen? Probably never. The controversy may never be over, but never underestimate what a person can do. The definition of insanity fits well with Miley Cyrus’ personality, because she does the same controversial things and gets the exact same reactions.

newspaper miley 2

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