Spooky Haunted House Season

Editor: Emma Lehto

It is that time of year once again. Time for pumpkins, costumes and, of course, haunted houses. If you feel like getting scared out of your skin then make sure you check out these haunted houses around the Cherokee County area.

Issue 3 - haunted house 1

One must-visit haunted house this year is the Haunted Barn at Cagle’s Dairy Farm. The theme for this house is cannibals kidnapping people of a city and bringing them under ground to be slaughtered and eaten. It will be open every Friday and Saturday of October and is open from dark until 11 pm. If you plan on visiting, go to the Cagle’s Dairy Farm website for directions and other information.

Another place that is open for this haunted season is Paranoia Haunted House. They have two different themes running: The Blood Factory and Infectious. This will be open each Friday and Saturday of October from 7:30 until midnight and Sundays from 7:30-11:00 pm. The last week of October, it is open every night of the week until 7:30 to 11:00. They are located in Roswell, Georgia, and have more details on their website.

A classic haunted house around the Cherokee County is 13 Stories Haunted House. This year they have five different haunted houses in one, and they have a sacrifice haunt for people that are 18 years and older. The haunted houses are said to include rats, spiders, roaches, clowns and more. Thirteen Stories is open most nights of the week in October from 7-10 and it is located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

If you are looking for a real fright this October, you might want to look at travelling down to Atlanta to a Haunted House called Netherworld. It was voted the number one Haunted Attraction of all time by HauntWorld. It is open every night of October Sunday through Thursday from 7:30-10:30 and Friday through Saturday from 7-midnight. The two themes that are running this year are The Rotting, which is about the ghost turning victims into the undead and Vault 13 Unearthed, which is about a vault that is sealed deep in the earth by an unknown force. Visit the website to find out more about these terrifying haunts.

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