Most Likely to Win a Superlative

Staff Writer: Grant Witten

Woodstock High School is jam packed with all different kinds of outstanding students. We have those who excel in every class they are put through, those who have more athletic ability than most of us would know what to do with, and some simply excel in the sense that they are good to every person who they meet. They are known for their ability to be kind to every last person walking through the halls with them. All of these students deserve to be recognized at some point for their excellence, whether it is for their athletic ability, their brilliant brains, their kind words, or just simply their beauty. Many don’t get this recognition much throughout high school, so during the students’ senior year, the school awards superlatives to students, voted on by their peers.

This year, the votes were a close call for several of the awards. This year’s senior class is almost too good to pick just one guy and one girl for each category. However, each superlative was finally narrowed down to two people.

Best Leader – class president, Blake Heyer and Emma Dixon

Most Athletic – football player Jerrail McMickens and future Olympian, swimmer, Lauren Case

Most School Spirit – Sierra Griffin ad Brock Cullman

Most Attractive – Zack Wallace and Wynne Johnson

Most Friendly – Clarence Atsma and Gabby Manzella. Yes, believe it or not, she is related to administrator Mike Manzella.

Best Dressed – Jace Parker and Paige Morrison.

Most Intelligent – Michael Gustafson, number one in senior class, and number two, Paula Ruiz.

Finally, last but not least, is Mr. and Mrs. WHS. Joe Burnett was named Mr. WHS simply because there is no way that he could have been put into only one of the above categories. He fit each and every one. When asked how he felt about being named MR. WHS, Joe said “it was truly something special. I’m pretty sure I feel now the way that Blake Heyer has felt every day for the past 17 years.”

Claudia Miklosik was named Mrs. WHS alongside him, and just like Joe, she represents all of the qualities that make Woodstock great. She is a great friend to many, kind to all, she excels in all of her classes, and is athletic out on the lacrosse field.

It’s no doubt that Woodstock has some of the greatest students around. It’s no wonder it was such a difficult time to choose these people for their superlatives.


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