Fall 2015 Movie Reviews

Staff Writer: Ulises Lara



The only scary thing about this is how good the film adaptation is. In the 90’s there was a popular horror book stories for children and to hear a film to a good book series sounded like an easy profit to gain money during the Halloween season, but in truth the movie exceeded my expectations. The characters from the book series look far better than most would think; the monsters or creatures have an old-school feeling and look, while also having slick and astonishing CGI. It brings a good feeling knowing it came out at the right moment, Halloween time. The iconic character from the series brings humor and new ideas to the table, with horror and comedy never being greater together. Having amazing characters, like Slappy the ventriloquist dummy, never looking and feeling as bad as the Big Bad Wolf. This is a great adaptation to the famous book series, I highly recommend this towards audiences who love the series, or old school fans, even though the resolution feels flat and disappointing, so watch with your own expectations.

7.8/10, Meta score: 56



Movies always find a way to show a visual story, and surprise audiences with striking sights, like 2014’s Gravity, or Mad Max: Fury Road, and Everest surely falls in the same category. With its stunning visuals, interesting performances, and amazing stunts this movie gives a lot of love to fans of the genre. The performances given in the movie sure bring lots of drama give off more chills than the snow, (laughing) I’m sorry I will never do that again. Great, now that the good is said and done, it’s time for a reality check, the film doesn’t explain why some effects or scenes happen. These scenes typically serve to put characters in life or death struggles or scenarios, and that just becomes frustrating. Overall, the movie is very good, sure, it has flaws but when it comes to thrills, it sure knows its job.

8.4/10, Meta score: 64.

The Walk

the walk

Director Robert Zimeckis brings back one of history’s biggest stunts in The Walk, in which he tells the story of Philippe Petit’s tightrope walk between the Twin Towers. The 1974 feel of the ropewalk feels as legendary as it did the first time. Petit, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt feels right as if it is a good role, and feels as if they are the same character. The scarce felling of the walk is intense and overly used at times but sure does feel right. The drama created and character portrayals are top-notch and could not be better.

8.5/10, Meta score: 70

The Martian


How would survival in space work? Hardly anyone would even know where to begin and some would not have the guts to try, but this movie definitely gives us a different viewpoint and perspective. The setting and plot revolves on the far away planet Mars and features a stranded astronaut named Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon, trying to get home with the limited resources he has. The movie definitely mixes masterful smarts, along with playful humor, and amazing visuals that look spectacular. The writing is a bit cheesy at times, but pure genius at others, and certainly the breathtaking visuals make up for what is lost, or not there at all. Truly, the movie is not a masterpiece, but others view it as a master of making fine art that can definitely hold up with films like Interstellar and Gravity.

8.5/10, Meta score: 51

Crimson Peak

Crimson peak

Where does gothic architecture fit in modern day horror? Many movies try to be scary or present a dark and gothic-like tone but few movies are successful in that genre. With its great cast, horrifying setting and mind-bending physiological horror this movie is the best in the genre since Silent Hill 2. The true threat of the movie lies in the eyes of the viewers with it being a tough choice between it being the people or the monsters. The film is filled with gore, and I would not recommend the film to squeamish or casual horror movie audiences. There are many elements in the film that kept me frightened and scared. If you are into physiological horror this is a film I would recommend. However, if you just casually watch horror movies, do not watch it…unless you have a change of pants ready.

7.5/10, Meta score: 67

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