Five Fun Facts About Batman Arkham and Silent Hill

Staff Writer: Ulisses Lara

5 Fun facts about the Batman Arkham series

  1. The first game in the series, Batman Arkham Asylum, only had 40 employees developing the game, by the game’s release there was a total of 60 working at Rocksteady Studios. The level of detail in Arkham Asylum is incredible, and brings Batman’s world into rich detail and the game won Game of the Year 2009.
  2. Batman’s beloved combat system that is now used in other games, was going to play out like a Guitar Hero game. The game was going to take a 2D prospective and there would be patterns you would need to follow, that shined in different bright colors.
  3. Batman’s cape looks and feels like that dark knight’s and was created by a single man. With at most 700 unique different animations and sound effects, it was all by one man, and it took him roughly two years.
  4. The fourth -wall breaking sequence was based from the Game Cube exclusive “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s requiem,” showing that same mess with your mind, and make you think you are going crazy. The section has the game look like the console is breaking, and it has booted up only to start from the beginning of the game where Batman and Joker switch roles, and there Joker kills Batman, giving the player a fake death screen, claiming you failed to tap the middle joystick button, which refers to the Nintendo 64 controller.
  5. Rocksteady planned to have a sequel before it was even announced. In the game there are multiple places where a sequel is planned, the character Calendar Man speaks of a day that sequels are to be released, there is a room full of blueprints that talk about “Arkham City.” The main antagonist from the second game is in a body bag, with a note coming out of his foot reading “Ra’s al Ghul,” and he is later found gone ready for the sequel.

5 fun facts about the Silent Hill series

  1. The reason for all the fog in the beginning of the series is to hide a dark secret, the lack of load times. Due to the time and hard ware of that era, the original PlayStation could not handle a place that seemed large in scale to its self, and have nobody notice, but instead that small hidden feature did have disturbing enemies come out of the fog so it was not a total failure.
  2. The school feature in Silent Hill (1998) was almost an exact replica to Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990’s Kindergarten Cop. Konami did not have enough money to send executives to scout for locations so they tried to replicate the building because it took place in the United States.
  3. The horrific pyramid head did not start off with its iconic helmet, but did go through many different designs, and went through different iterations, which actually started other different creatures. The creatures in the silent hill series are always meant to be sick and twisted, and that is why pyramid head was made, to have an enemy that look like a human, but must have lost its humanity, and the pyramid on its head sure makes it look creepier along with its huge knife.
  4. There are many western references in the first game of the series. Series director Hideo Kojima was always a fan of hidden secrets and decided to put in many different iconic horrors into the first game of the massively popular survival horror series. Such references include authors who are named after streets, and even the word “red drum”, spelled across a garage door that word comes from Stephen King’s The Shining.
  5. In the reimagining of the first game, Silent Hill shattered memories, you can call Konomi’s tech support. The reimagining gives you a cell phone for contacting allies, and as a joke Kojima made it possible for Harry Mason, our protagonist, to call the tech support of Konomi. A woman answers the hotline, and she sees you are calling from Silent Hill, and that you are far beyond even their help.

silent hill

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