Hispanic Heritage Month

Staff Writers: Luci Dumas & Sarah Bohannan

Throughout American, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 25-October 15. This month was first recognized in 1968. It is a time used to remember all the contributions Hispanics have made to the United States. Most people celebrate by having festivals and putting up decorations. During that time this year, the library made many efforts to help celebrate the month.

For one, they have collaborated with Señora Breaux and her classes to put up decorations all over the school. Each poster represents an important Hispanic person and each has several facts about who they are and how they have contributed to society.

As well as decorations, Señora Breaux’s seventh period class spent two days in the media center where they read and acted out a book called, Por Amor Al Fútbol. Señora Breaux’s first-grade son, Diego Breaux, translated the book to his fifth-grade friends that were also in ASP.

During the month, the display case at the front of the library was dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month. It has posters and books that are written in Spanish or represent Spanish. We asked some people their opinions on the display case.

Senior James Sorensen said, “It is cool to look at every day when I pass by to the library.” Freshman Emily Gordon added, “The display case was very informational and I learned something from it.”

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