You Call Those Decorations?

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson

This Halloween was not full of fright, mystery, or any sort of holiday spirit. Maybe it is just the fact that I’m sixteen and Halloween no longer means Trick-or-Treating and eating candy until a personal call to the dentist is made.

Or maybe, just maybe, the spirit of Halloween no longer lingered in the air throughout the month of October because of the mediocre decorations that adorned the suburban homes in the community. Personally, I applaud those who at least hung toilet paper ghosts from the single tree that awkwardly sits in the yard. Even though the lackluster decorations are pitiful, they are easier on the eyes than a bare house. Because most of the homes looked like this:

no decor

Instead of this:

yes decor

How is a child supposed to feel the exhilarating rush of anticipation of the candy to come when your home is not dripping in Halloween decorations? How is a teenager, like myself, supposed to look back fondly in nostalgic remembrance when no homes are dressed in Halloween spirit? How are adults supposed to get through the hours of trekking across the neighborhood when no blow up ghosts or illuminated pumpkins are present to entertain them? An anonymous source said it best, “A lack of Halloween decorations is simply a lack of empathy.” So do yourself, and the children, a favor, and at least make some toilet paper ghosts next year.

Halloween is a time of year when there is no excuse to have a naked home… unless your Halloween has simply dissolved into being a competition between two homes. Essentially, a decoration-off. Many people feel discouraged because their Halloween decorations did not cost as much as their child’s college fund. Another anonymous source was quoted saying, “My parents do not decorate for Halloween anymore because it is just become a competition between my neighbors. One has lights, the other strings up more. One has a pair of fake witch’s feet hanging out of the mailbox, the other hangs witches’ feet out of every window! It never ends. It really has just taken away from the holiday spirit.” If you are caught between two battling Halloweeners, I apologize, but it doe not mean you should stop trying to bring the spirit of Halloween to your community. Let us hope you all do better this Christmas. Happy holidays.


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